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Like NFS? Even Geico can't save you from high insurance

slurpeepoopslurpeepoop Registered User regular
edited March 2007 in Games and Technology

For those too lazy to check it out, those car-lovin' Germans did a series of studies that discovered that playing driving/racing games (especially over the top games like Burnout) leads to more aggressive driving, the results of which were printed by the American Psychology Association in a monthly medical journal.

Now, I'm used to scientists repeatedly proving then disproving that them thar vidja games are going to kill us all some day and destroy the universe, but there was a study a year or two ago where something like 98% of all kids play a video game before they hit 18, so is it a stretch to think insurance companies will pick up on this sort of "scientific data" and use it to their advantage?

Car insurance guy: "Well, Mr. Poop, how old are you?"

Me: "I'm 31."

CIG: "Hmmm....that's well within our Atari-NES bracket, so you'll be hit with a 10% increase, since those video games weren't very realistic."

Me: "Wait, what?"

CIG: "Oh, don't feel too bad, I liked R.C. Pro-Am too. However, your kids will be hit with a 300% increase once they start driving. God bless the PS2 generation. Putting my kids through college, they are. Wanna see a picture of my new boat?"

So, too paranoid? Stupid article? Post all crap...............NOW!

EDIT: I fail at posting link.

slurpeepoop on


  • Oddjob187Oddjob187 Pew TorontoRegistered User regular
    edited March 2007
    I don't need games helping to increase my insurance. I pay 190/month Canadian for a bloody 1989 Range Rover, all because I am 22 and we all know I run NOS in my rover. When I was 19 it was 245/month.

    By the time I hit 25 it will drop to 90/month. Thankfully the insurance companies have not realized that a lot of street racers are bored 30 somethings.

    If my insurance company knew I was an avid GTA player and I loved playing Carmageddon back in the day running over ped's they'd charge me $500/month. Insurance company's can eat a big one.

    Oddjob187 on
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