GOTY Poll / Stickies (2)

mccmcc glitchRegistered User, ClubPA regular
Hi. One more thing and then I'm out of your hair for another 6-12 months.

There is a "vote here" thread for the GOTY poll stickied in G&T right now. Because the GOTY poll is over, this is useless. I would like to request you unsticky that thread and sticky this one instead:


Which is the results thread. If you could leave that one stickied for, like, a week, that would be just super awesome, because I know that in years that the results thread isn't stickied people don't see it and go around complaining later they never saw the results. A week makes sense to me cuz the nom thread runs for a week and the poll runs for a week and that gives people at least as much chance to see the results as they had to participate.

Thanks again.


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