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Seeking advice on tablets [Solved]

dexterdexter Registered User regular
I'm beginning a masters in math this year and in an attempt to be more organized wanted to buy a tablet. I'm not interested in the iPad's. I was looking at the galaxy note 10.1 tablet. Mainly I would be looking to scan my written lecture notes and storing them in the tablet and have them all in one place, have textbooks in pdf and djvu format and have some music on hand to listen to through headphones if that's an option.

I've done some research online but I trust you guys and would love to hear your opinions. There also seem to be a lot of varying models of each tablet which confused me a little too.

I imagine wifi is all I need rather than 3G, since I'll either be at home or at uni where I'll have access to a network. Also, which programs do you guys use on android to listen to your music, is there an itunes equivalent? Do you guys use tablets for work uni, and if so then how do they help you with organization or how are they convenient to you?

I'm sort of worried I won't get much use out of the tablet since I've never used one before but have been advised by some friends they're a useful tool to have.

Thanks in advance, PA!

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  • GnomeTankGnomeTank What the what? Portland, OregonRegistered User regular
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    Everyone thinks they won't get much use out of a tablet, then they get one, and realize they are god sends. Little bit frown town that you so easily dismiss the iPad, as despite it's price, it's still pretty much the best tablet on the market in the 10" space. Things like the Galaxy 10 are getting there, but Apple has had a huge lead. The Nexus 10 is also pretty well reviewed.

    In the 7" space, there really isn't much better than the Nexus 7. Some people really like the Kindle Fire/BN Nook, but I find their custom Android and markets to be somewhat restrictive.

    Since you'll be using this mainly for school, there is also the Surface. WinRT has some really nice productivity features, like true multitasking. Plus there are special versions of Microsoft Office for WinRT, which seems like it would be super handy for a student. With a keyboard case attachment, you could basically use the thing as a laptop replacement and do full on schoolwork on it.

    If you set on the 10" space, for a student, my top list would be:

    1) Surface
    2) iPad
    3) Nexus 10/Galaxy 10.1 (almost the same tablet)

    I really think the productivity features of the Surface, with Office, and a keyboard cover, would be wildly useful for a grad student.

    e: As far as how you'd use the thing...I mean, in your head, imagine that you had a device with you, at all times, with enough power to do almost any basic computing task (take notes, make a grocery list, watch videos, browse the web, etc), and a screen that is larger than a phone and can do quite a bit more content production tasks than a phone can. Now imagine all the cool shit you can do with that. That's what you'll find yourself using your tablet for.

    I'm not a student, so I can't comment from that angle, but I personally use my various tablets for: Reading RPG rule books, watching videos, reading e-mails, browsing the web while I watch TV, reading magazines, reading the news, writing grocery lists, setting reminders for myself to do things like pay a bill. My iPad basically became my centralized life hub when I got it. My Nexus 7 has become a natural extension of that, and the tablet I take out of the house with me as it's smaller, lighter and cheaper.

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  • dexterdexter Registered User regular
    Thanks for you reply, GnomeTank, that was very helpful. I haven't a grudge against apple by any means, I own an iphone 4 and get along fine with it though I have learned that anything apple is usually no where near worth as much money as they ask for so I'm looking to move away. Thanks again, that was very helpful! For anyone who searches this question and finds this thread - this gentleman's youtube channel was very helpful:

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