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  • Oniros25Oniros25 Registered User regular
    Keith wrote: »
    Oniros25 wrote: »
    The art's not so hot in my opinion. Lana's looking awfully mannish in some of the panels of this comic is all I'm going to say.

    Fun fact: not all women look the same

    Wow, ok. Yeah I'm aware dude, but that's A) Not how Lana is traditionally drawn and B) Not how she's been drawn in the New 52 thus far. If you'd prefer, I thought Clark looked oddly derpy in quite a few panels as well. People don't look as they should. That's what I'm trying to get at here.

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  • Oniros25Oniros25 Registered User regular
    *sigh* It was an ill chosen example. Let me completely redefine my issue: People in Action 25 look strangely inhuman. The proportions on faces feel wrong and draw me out of the story. Mouths feel larger than they ought to be. The action is solidly rendered, but fine details are askew in a way that feels less stylistic and more missed opportunity. I have similar problems for different reasons with what Rags Morales gave us in early Action issues of the New 52.

    Please do not burn me in effigy as a sexist A-hole. I'm actively and continuously not that in all areas of my life.

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  • Garlic BreadGarlic Bread i'm a bitch i'm a bitch i'm a bitch i'm a Registered User, Disagreeable regular
    Your complaints about the art are valid (I found it to be pretty inconsistent, myself)

    but a female character looking "mannish" is not a real problem

  • Oniros25Oniros25 Registered User regular
    She just seemed the most bizzarely different in appearance of everyone in the comic. It was an ill chosen phrase.

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  • glithertglithert Registered User regular
    edited December 2013
    So, Return to Krypton.

    What the hell is Lobdell smoking?

    I don't think
    freezing someone in a time loop of being frozen and thawed out over and over to power Krypton's core or whatever the fuck happened, I don't even know
    is better than just killing them.

    glithert on
  • RansRans Registered User regular
    Superboy #26
    seems to suggest that Kon isn't dead, and that in the future he'll help found the Legion of Super-heroes. Although another reading may also be trying to imply that Jon, while masquerading as Kon, helps found the Legion of Super-heroes for sinister purposes. It's a little unclear, but I'm going with Kon is still alive.

  • Oniros25Oniros25 Registered User regular
    Generally speaking, what he did is way, way worse than death since superheroes get undead all the time. Now if a future writer wants to use Kon they'd have to do some crazy mental gymnastics to make it happen or handwave it and look like a bit of an ass. Probably not worth it for this version of superboy anyway.

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