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[Mini]Batman: The Animated Phalla: Village Victory!

38thDoe38thDoe lets never be stupid againwait lets always be stupid foreverRegistered User regular
edited February 2013 in Critical Failures
Batman: The Animated Phalla
- Episode One -

Produced and directed by 38thDoe
Special thanks to Ahava for checking things over.

At a train station in Gotham, five police cars had been parked around the tracks. The skies had already opened up here, and the rain poured down in sheets, instantly soaking anyone who left cover. The large drops drumming on the hoods of the police cars drowned out anything the police officers might be saying, but none of them looked particularly enthused with the situation. If a passerby could read lips, he'd see "waste of time" said over and over. The blocked off streets on the surrounding blocks stopped any lip reading pedestrians from getting anywhere close.


A train raced along the tracks underneath a heavy sky. It would rain soon. The conductor nervously glanced behind him again as he saw a large city up ahead. Gotham City. He un-holstered a gun and placed it on the control panel. Just another routine trip, he told himself. Still, he'd never liked traveling to this city. Nothing had happened to him of course, but he'd heard some things. He tapped the pistol reassuringly. Nothing to worry about, but it never hurt to be prepared. He’d hear all kinds of rumors from the passengers concerning this city, and none of them good. Not that there were any passengers on the train tonight...

What’s all this now?

This is a mini Phalla for 30 players based on Batman: The Animated Series, which is amazing.

General rules of Phalla can be found here. New players are welcome as are old of course.

Specific rules can be found below:

Standard Phalla Rules/Mechanics:

You must vote each day. Vote in bold red for whomever you think is likely to be a threat to you. The winner of the vote will be eliminated every night. Tie votes will kill both people involved. Be careful.

In addition, everyone should make at least two posts each day. Failure to vote or contribute will lead to warning and replacement.

Do not directly quote anything from PMs with me, or take screenshots of them. It is okay to paraphrase role PMs however.

Do not add other players to PM conversations.

Do not anonymously contact anyone.

When you die you may make one ghost post which cannot contain any game information whatsoever. After that please do not discuss the game with anyone still alive.

Ask for clarifications in Bold DarkOrange. You can always PM me with clarification requests, or post them directly in the thread. If you have questions about your role you should probably use the PM method to avoid giving away info to the other players. They are *already* suspicious of you.

Make sure you invite me to any PMs or proboards you might form.

Order of actions: Vote > Actions.

Signup in bold limegreen

MrTLicious wrote: »
Will we receive notifications if we go inactive?
Inactive players will receive a PM warning, and then be replaced.
GrimmyTOA wrote: »
Oh, yeah, the question about bodies from last night.

Has anyone been removed from the game and not named as such narration?

kime wrote: »



Clarification Denied
MrTLicious wrote: »
Do votes for dead people count? If not, will we be considered inactive if we don't vote for a valid target?
Dead people cannot be brought in for questioning. If you are voting and participating you will not receive a pm.
kime wrote: »
Were someone to be removed from the game and not in the dead list, would the Player List be updated in any way to reflect that?

Can we have public confirmations of inactivity too?

Clarification Denied.
Smasher wrote: »
What is the meaning of life?

38thDoe on
Edith Upwards


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