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Build your own factory in Factorio

TubeTube Registered User admin
What is Factorio?

Factorio is a 2d creative game about building and maintaining a factory.

What do I do in the game?

You will be in charge of a character that is building a factory from
scratch. You will be mining resources, automating production, managing
energy sources, designing the flow of items in your factory,
researching technologies and defending from hostile creatures.

What is the game inspired by?

We drew a lot of inspiration from Transport Tycoon-like games,
Civilization and Minecraft.

Why should I care?

This game is made by geeks for geeks. The graphics is not great (work
in progress). We are aiming for really interesting gameplay. The core
of the game is building things. You can create huge almost self
sufficient factories. There are machines crafting other machines. All
the stuff is travelling on transport belts. There are simple means of
"programming" the robotic arms that move things around. You also have
little logistic robots that transport things among designated
containers. The ultimate goal of course is to have self replicating

When, where & how?

website: (trailer, screenshots, plot, about)

public demo: (win, osx, linux)

The game is at the moment raising funds for further development on
indiegogo. If it succeeds the alpha will be released in March 2013.

Who is doing this?

We are two programmers from Prague (Czech Republic). This project
started as a hobby, but later on resulted in two os uf working on the
game full time for months. This game is something we enjoy playing,
working on and would love to finish.

We are eager to hear what you think, what are your suggestions,
comments and ideas.

Art preview:





  • MachismoMachismo Registered User regular
    Oh. This looks different.
    I played a little plant process 'game' made by some industrial control company. It was basically promo for the brand, but it made the day-to-day logistics and the planning that goes into setting up, reconditioning, and maintaining such a place fun. It was super limited though. This looks pretty expansive though.

  • slpwndslpwnd Registered User new member
    That was sort of the goal of the whole project:)

  • MachismoMachismo Registered User regular
    Played so more. A better tutorial would be helpful. For example, I am stuck working with my conveyor belts and grabbers as I try to figure out how to turn corners. I think I got a reliable system using only conveyor belts, but it didn't work how I thought it should.

  • slpwndslpwnd Registered User new member
    Machismo: We will make more videos soon. For now you can check a first version of the tutorial we made at:

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