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40K in 40 Minutes Lists....

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For those few tabletop gamers who'll be attending, I present this thread as a place to put your Warhammer 40k in 40 minutes army lists, and get some feedback before the event starts.

Some I've thought up are:

Speed Freeks:
1 Guntrukk w/ZzapGun, Grot Riggers, & Armor Plates
6 Buggies w/Skorchas, Grot Riggers, Armor Plates, Red Paint Job, Spikes n' Blades

Footslogging Orks:
Painboss w/'Urty Syringe, Bosspole, Dok's Tools, 3 Grot Orderlies
9 CybOrks
8 Tankbustas w/3 Rokkit Launchas, including Nob w/Rokkit Launcha
21 Grots led by a Slaver w/PowerKlaw, Slugga, & Squighound

Radical Daemonhunters:
Inquisitor w/Psycannon, Targeter, Auspex, FragGrenades, Sword
2 Sages
2 HeavyBolter Servitors, 1 PlasmaCannon Servitor
2 Daemonhosts
5 Stormtroopers w/2 Flamers

Priest w/Plasmagun, CarapaceArmor
8 Inquisitoral StormTroopers w/2 Plasmaguns
3 Penitent Engines

Sisters of Battle:
10 Sisters w/2 StormBolters, including Veteran Superior w/Stormbolter
6 Celestians w/HeavyFlamer & Flamer
5 Seraphim w/2 InfernoPistols, including Veteran Superior

So what are you thinking of bringing to play 40K in 40 minutes?

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