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Single Origin, Organic, Genetically Nonengineered food thread [Food Thread]



  • CampyCampy Registered User regular
    So on a whim I tried to make some "pulled turkey" last night. Things were going pretty darn well until I tried to reduce the broth down to a sauce. Burnt the fucker and everything was ruined.


    Also as a surprise to noone, the turkey was a little dry.

    Blake T
  • LiiyaLiiya Registered User regular
    V1m wrote: »
    Liiya wrote: »
    If I make soup, which is not a lot because I'm lazy, I make loads and then freeze it so I have it for later. Broccoli soup is best.

    But soup is the easiest thing to make that isn't eating stuff out of a jar:

    Chop things into a deep pan that already has some oil in and is hot

    stir stuff around about for a short while

    add flavourings & seasonings then some water

    simmer it all for 20 minutes

    get the stick blender in there and fucking blend the bejeesus out of everyone you hate AHAHA IM BLENDING YOUR ORGANS AND YOUR FACE AND YOUR BRAIN AHAHAHAHA ok the soup is smooth and nice now

    add water/milk/cream as texture is required


    pour into bowl(s)

    eat soup

    For me the cost of buying ingredients to make my own soup is more expensive than buying it, I'm on a tight budget - but its much more satisfying!

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