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Lara Croft and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day



  • LanglyLangly Registered User regular
    man fuck this mother fucking tree event. the hit detection is so dumb

  • LanglyLangly Registered User regular
    not to mention the character and her huge ass parachute blocks my entire view god fuck these trees

  • RainfallRainfall Registered User regular
    Langly wrote: »
    man fuck this mother fucking tree event. the hit detection is so dumb

    Ugh yes I died more in that sequence than almost anywhere else.

  • hoodie13hoodie13 punch bro Registered User regular
    Mine was sliding down the river/hill thing. Got impaled so much my wife had to leave the room.

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  • BalefuegoBalefuego Registered User regular
    I never died in the river and only died once with the parachute :(

  • LanglyLangly Registered User regular
    i didn't die in the river at all, and then the trees were all like hey dude sup here's a branch or two

  • Grey GhostGrey Ghost Registered User regular
    I didn't die on the river or the parachute

    UnbreakableVowCaulk Bite 6Dimosar
  • Mr. GMr. G Registered User regular
    I can deal with gore okay

    i had to look away when i died on the river part

  • GethGeth Legion Perseus VeilRegistered User, Moderator, Penny Arcade Staff, Vanilla Staff vanilla
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