Avoid Aiptek if you have Vista

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Hey, Just wanted to let you guys know that if you are using Vista avoid Aiptek. I have one of their tablets (1200u) and have been happy with it, but it doesn't currently work in Vista. When I emailed support I had this wonderful exchange:
Me: Also, I just installed vista and my aiptek 1200u hyperpen tablet does not function correctly in vista. Vista blocks your drivers.

Them: Yes this correct.

Me: Ok, but more information would be helpful, like when do you plan to release drivers and are there any (or will there be) any work arounds?

Them: Unfortunately due to the unstableness of Vista We will not release any driver until they finalize the Operating system.

Me: The operating system is finalized, in so much as it has been released and is available at retail. If you mean Vista will be updated, well WindowsXP was and will continue to be updated throughout its life. That doesn't mean the operating system isn't finalized.

Them: Under stand that the very first version of this Vista is not final, it continually has problem.Our designers are waiting until this version is more stable . But at this time due to this constant changing of this version we do not have anything available for you.

Thank you

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    Uh, ok.

    Will do.

    But this isn't really a threadworthy topic, it belongs in the chat thread or the questions/tutorials/discussion thread.

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