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  • ChincymcchillaChincymcchilla Registered User regular
    Maddoc wrote: »
    Hard/Casual is the light

    This is the sweet spot for me

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  • ElderlycrawfishElderlycrawfish Registered User regular
    Wyborn wrote: »
    So far I don't like any of the Nohr siblings at all, the only one I don't actively dislike is the prince

    maybe their characterization changes in conquest

    I like a lot of the birthright units I was just introduced to

    Silas/Elise rank C
    The first support I have ever seen for one of the Nohr siblings

    Is about the two of them making sure that a starving family gets a month's worth of rations delivered to them

    It was actually staggering because that's the third line

    Yeah, I'm only at around chapter 10 of Conquest but the Nohr siblings are pretty cool so far.
    it's just Dad and Iago that are tremendous evil bastards.

    Also that one Hoshido brother (was it Takumi?) was a huge asshole so whatevs Hoshido, I'm gonna live with my cool adopted siblings.

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  • rhylithrhylith Death Rabbits HoustonRegistered User regular
    Well, better the 4 hour shuttle with free WiFi than the 14 hour plane without

    Odds are you'll be able to find a (slightly overpriced) SD card at an airport.

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  • JarsJars Registered User regular
    are same turn reinforcements dead and buried on hard?

  • ChincymcchillaChincymcchilla Registered User regular
    Man I dunno, I really hated Boob Lady and Irritating Little Girl

    That said, Takumi is a real piece of shit, so both sides have their cons

    I have a podcast about Power Rangers:Teenagers With Attitude | TWA Facebook Group
  • StericaSterica Yes Registered User, Moderator mod
    I can see what people mean about the writing in Conquest. It's...not very good, although at least it's charming in its bad anime trappings?

    They clearly want to make your character just as "good" as in Birthright, and it makes the whole plot kinda silly.

  • StericaSterica Yes Registered User, Moderator mod
    Arthur is amazing though.

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