Why am I still pink?

Brovid HasselsmofBrovid Hasselsmof [Growling historic on the fury road]Registered User regular
Is there a reason why I and a few other forumers still have the pink heart icon next to our avs? Am I going to be like this forever?

edit: I just saw the other thread about "mysterious pink rectangle", and the suggestion to clear the cache. I think I've now done that (bad at computers, sorry), but it's not changed it.

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    Magic PinkMagic Pink Tur-Boner-Fed Registered User regular
    why in the world would you want to get rid of it

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    IcyLiquidIcyLiquid Two Steaks Montreal, QuebecAdministrator, Vanilla Staff vanilla
    It will go away.

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    GaslightGaslight Registered User regular
    Hey man. Don't pretend like you don't want to be able to keep rubbing our noses in how desirable you are. Some of us never get to be popular.

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    GoslingGosling Looking Up Soccer In Mongolia Right Now, Probably Watertown, WIRegistered User regular
    All desire goes away. Don't worry, soon you will be undesired and unloved like the rest of us.

    I have a new soccer blog The Minnow Tank. Reading it psychically kicks Sepp Blatter in the bean bag.
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    Edith UpwardsEdith Upwards Registered User regular
    Oh fuck I forgot Gosling.

    You introduced me to BG&E.

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    TubeTube Registered User admin
    This is not a chat forum

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