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Ghostbusters Resurrection

BriggsBriggs Registered User regular
Hey everyone, I made a post on here about a year ago talking about the Ghostbusters Resurrection Podcast. When I first posted we're only one or two episodes into the first season. Since then we've finished the first season completely and have it posted online for all to listen to. We started after we discovered Penny Arcade's DnD adventures on Youtube.

Our show was picked up by Nerdy Show after word of us got passed around and people started liking it, much to our surprise. We're always looking for new listeners and would love to have feedback or anyone that just wants to listen to our adventure. I've got all the links for you posted below, please give us a listen, comment if you like it or not.

It's a comedic adventure with a plot that starts out as monster of the week but as it progresses it becomes something more. We're not the New York Ghostbusters, we're the Central Florida Ghostbusters. To answer one question in case anyone asks, that has been asked before. We're not characters, we play ourselves in the show and use our real names. Made the show more enjoyable and we felt it flowed better without having to rely the restrictions of characters. Sorry about the length of the post and getting into some detail but I hope anyone that listens to it loves it. The best compliment we can get is just having anyone listen. Thanks and We're ready to believe you!

Another quick thing we just posted episode one of season two and they will be posted monthly.

Thanks! Nerdy Show webpage Our original Tumblr page Fan art some of our fans have drawn of us


  • HeirHeir Ausitn, TXRegistered User regular
    Awesome. I followed you guys for much of season one. Will have to see how things are going for your crew.

  • BriggsBriggs Registered User regular
    Things are going well, sorry I never got back to you on what system we used. We have a link to how the system works and what it is on our Nerdy Show page. Happy you followed it, if you haven't finished please let us know what you think if you get around to it!

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