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    ButtlordButtlord Fornicus Lord of Bondage and PainRegistered User regular
    basically i want an exploration game where the goal is to explore

    and also you have gay sex

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    Vann DirasVann Diras Registered User regular
    Augh I was hoping getting to hero rank would get rid of cole's shitty cross-on-one-leg pants

    Instead it kept the pants and gave me a worse looking shit

    Fuck you infamous

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    SCREECH OF THE FARGSCREECH OF THE FARG #1 PARROTHEAD margaritavilleRegistered User regular
    Sony is doomed
    i just watched the etrian odyssey 3 quick look, featuring matt bodega


    glad that guy isn't in a lot of quick looks1

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    ButtlordButtlord Fornicus Lord of Bondage and PainRegistered User regular
    miasmata is pretty close to what i'm looking for

    i would like a little bit more variety in the environment

    and also 3rd person perspective

    and no Smoke Monster fucking my day up

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    YaYaYaYa Decent. Registered User regular
    Nintendo is doomed

    love me

    also close thread

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    Cilla BlackCilla Black Priscilla!!! Registered User regular
    Stilts wrote: »
    Still really not wowing me. The Witcher 2 was a more visually impressive game, somehow. I know that 3 is an actual open world, and that makes a ton of difference, but still. It doesn't really look much better than Skyrim, to me.


    Skyrim with mods maybe.

    But default Skyrim, even with the official high-rez texture pack, does not look as good as that.

    I really don't see it. Maybe it's an artistic thing but with the Witcher 2 I couldn't stop being amazing by how alive and detailed screenshots looked when stuff was coming out about it.

    With Witcher 3 I can't help but see how uninteresting and uncomplex the textures look, how there are just random stones laying on the ground of the cave with nothing but relatively flat, little-detailed textures between. Very few extra, smaller debris. Just rock, texture, rock.

    The reflections look like they'll be quite nice but the world just doesn't pop out at me in the same way the Witcher 2's screenshots did. I don't know if they're just bad screenshots with unfortunate lighting, or I'm just crazy. But even like the sweeping mountain shots look comparable and even a little more boring compared to a similar scene out of Skyrim.

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