Trivinity, Deck-building game of the gods

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People of the internet, set aside your lolcats and lend me your eyes.

Recently some friends and I developed a deck-building game that we saw fit to share with the world. The beta prototype of this project, dubbed Trivinity, is ready for play-testers and review. I will ship a free copy of the prototype to the first five responses this post receives. Anyone else who wishes to try the game may pick up a copy sold at cost from The Game Crafter website, once it goes live this weekend (Link to follow). You may find a free copy of the rules and a few example cards at http://trivinity.blogspot.com/.

This is a pet project that grew into something more, more quickly than I had anticipated so please no one outside the United States: My lunch money can only cover so much in shipping fees. We hope to host a Kickstarter down the line in order to fund card art commissions so keep your eyes peeled and your mouse finger at the ready. Thank you!


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