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The Arthropod Appreciation Amnesty (NSFCHORDATES)



  • premiumpremium Registered User regular
    With my new full body jelqing technique, you can gain several tenths of an inch each year with only minimal disfigurement and scarring.

    Mr FuzzbuttKaplar
  • DruhimDruhim Registered User, ClubPA regular
    Kwoaru wrote: »
    but human lifespan has increased throughout history and the average height of people has also increased and also people are way fatter now

    so people clearly get bigger as they live longer

    Which completely ignores the fact that people reach their maximum height at the end of puberty, barring some hormonal disorder. Which, ironically, usually ends up shortening their lifespan.

  • Brovid HasselsmofBrovid Hasselsmof [Growling historic on the fury road] Registered User regular
    I think he was being facetious

  • KwoaruKwoaru Confident Smirk Flawless Golden PecsRegistered User regular
    edited March 2013
    if I was being facetious I would have a top hat on

    Kwoaru on
  • facetiousfacetious a wit so dry it shits sandRegistered User regular
    edited March 2013

    facetious on
    "I am not young enough to know everything." - Oscar Wilde
    Real strong, facetious.

    Steam: Chagrin LoL: Bonhomie
  • Mortal SkyMortal Sky queer punk hedge witchRegistered User regular
    Yeah the whole Maine stretch of the Atlantic coast used to be full of more lobster than anyone knew what to do with. Population has kinda rebounded since regulations went back in place but it's far from the previous levels, sadly. That said, the longer lobsters live and the bigger they get, the less valuable their meat is.

    I wanted a pet lobster as a kid so that latter fact was one I memorized, because I knew if I didn't tell people it whenever the "I wish I had a pet lobster" conversation happened, they'd threaten to eat it.

  • Metzger MeisterMetzger Meister It Gets Worse before it gets any better.Registered User regular
    Me and my boyfriend were having a morning smoke outside and found an abandoned black wasp nest. It is really cool, two chambers with an egg ball in the middle, all of course long empty. I'm thinkin about trying to save it somehow but can't think of a good way to preserve it.

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