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Pre-PAX Boardgame Night(s) in Melbourne - It's Up to Each of You!



  • ehronlimeehronlime Southbank, Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    A little bummed I did not get to play a game with any of you guys. Games were going on in full swing when I turned up, so I played a game of Rex with my friends (which ended on turn one), and I was very highly excited to try the Skullport expansion for Lords of Waterdeep. Hopefully I'll see you at the gaming area at PAX :)

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  • Squire_PugSquire_Pug Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    edited July 2013
    So managed to play Star Flxx, Spartacus (thanks guys!), dominion, smash up(sp?), and see waterdeep in action, plus something involving cute rabbits. Thanks to Rapacity or the organisation. I think I will be back to play at this venue in future weeks.

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  • troubleshootertroubleshooter Registered User regular
    The cute rabbits was Dixit, which I highly recommend.

  • RapacityRapacity Registered User regular
    Hey everyone,

    Thank you all for making Thursday night great. We will definitely do this again next year once it rolls around and was great to meet a bunch of you all. If anyone wants to keep in close contact just pm me and I'll link my steam account.

    If anyone has any photo's from the night if you want to can you please pm me so we can forward them onto Yug.

    Looking forward to seeing you all again soon

    Interested in some board games the night before Pax Aus for 2014? Check the link below
  • KaneskiKaneski Registered User regular
    Cylon victory! *Oppression fist*

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