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Final Round is over. Now: INJUSTICE DEMO



  • Big Red TieBig Red Tie beautiful clydesdale style feet too hot to trotRegistered User regular
    oh boy let's talk about iron man

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    Beasteh wrote: »
  • KnobKnob TURN THE BEAT BACK InternetModerator mod

  • Evil MultifariousEvil Multifarious Registered User regular
    Alright, injustice definitely plays better than any mk game but it is still pretty clunky, and it's weird that Luthor doesn't have any combos off a low attack... I guess he has a bunch of overheads, but why would you bother blocking low?

  • KnobKnob TURN THE BEAT BACK InternetModerator mod
    If you get swept, luthor can safely activate armor, set up a drone, drop a trap, etc. It might not be giant damage, but you don't want to get swept.

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