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HD Camcorder for Streaming and Regular Filming

MvrckMvrck Dwarven MountainhomeRegistered User regular
Hey guys, hopefully someone will be able to help me figure this out. We're currently looking at purchasing a new camera for my job. This camera is dual purpose: It's for both regular filming, and Live Streaming lectures and conferences for our doctors that are traveling. For normal filming, we need something that will record in 1080i. For streaming, we're currently using an old standard definition camcorder with a Firewire output that we are borrowing from one of our research labs. They need the camera more consistantly coming up, so our borrowing of it will have to end here soon. My boss doesn't want a camcorder that uses tape, which puts me in a bind since you can't record to SD cards and output to Firewire.

Some things to note:
- We are streaming off a laptop (Macbook Pro, possibly upgrading to a Retina in the near future) in most cases. So a converter card is not an option. A converter box is possible.
- Total combined price of the setup needs to be around $3.5k or less.
- The solution has to "look" professional. So webcams are out.

So, my background is in animation/editing. I'm great once the video is on the computer, but I've been muddling my way through picking hardware, and don't have an answer that can make my boss happy. I'm pushing hard for either getting a Sony FX1000 and dealing with the tapes, or for us to purchase another Panasonic HMC150P (we already have one, and I love it) and some sort of converter box.

So I guess what I'm asking is this: Is there an option C to make my boss happy? If not, do you guys have any recommendations for a converter box? And bonus points if you can explain the technical details as to why modern cameras can't record to a SD card and output to Firewire at the same time, so I don't have to shrug at my boss and say "because?".

Thanks in advance!

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