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Tropical Heat Racing Available for PC, Mac, iPhone 5 and iPad 4

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Somatic Vision is happy to announce that their latest game, Tropical Heat, a Jet Ski racing game that takes place in the beautiful tropics is available to play on both single and multiplayer for PC, Mac, iPhone 5 and iPad 4.

Tropical Heat is a crazy fun time and the most beautiful Jet Ski racing game that has ever been made!

Dive under water, or launch yourself off ramps, to do impossible Jet Ski trick combinations. Earn high scores, unique achievements and unlock new play modes by combining extreme tricks, big air, and quick completion times to receive a top ranking. Play in Extreme for intense racing over narrower ramps, through spinning rings, and against tougher opponents.


Here is a short list of Tropical Heat features:

· Customize your character and Jet Ski.
· Listen to Chill, Latin or Upbeat songs in each of the 15 races.
· Race in sunny, stormy, sunset and night environments.
· Dive to jump out from under water and high into the air to perform tricks.
· Perform Tricks and trick combos to earn power and points.
· Earn Dozens of Achievements for high jumps, combo tricks, high scores and more.
· Earn High Scores each race for most points, most tricks and biggest jumps.
· Unlock Extreme Difficulty by earning high scores in all 15 levels.
· Play Multiplayer with 8 players on PC and Mac and 3 on the iPhone 5 and iPad 4.

Here are video tutorials about performing tricks combos and unlocking extreme difficulty:

Our website has more videos, screenshots and a complete features list:

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