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    redacted because stuff that is now secret!

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    Hey that's awesome! Very amusing fish-out-of-water situation. It has a nice relaxed pacing to it, unhurried but not plodding, not over-eager to go for laughs.
    I really liked the minor gags like bumping into the ladder!

    Her going to hug the bot after kind of messing everything up was an unexpected nice moment, I was totally expecting her to slap the crap out of the bot instead.

    So er, the accidental head-cutting-off feels like a complete 180 in tone to the rest of the piece, which was more like "haha whoops, but no real harm done." I feel like it undoes a lot of the emotional work you'd set up. As a last gag to end on, maybe something more along the lines of the rest (annoying but harmless) would work better? Like the old lady suddenly getting a static shock that poofs up her hair to look really ridiculous or something.

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    New comic in the works, I hope to make at least 2 pages a week for this, and make it as a webcomic. For now I'll just keep building a little library and then launch it after summer I think.

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    This is fantastic!

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    Hark, an update! Recent things I also mostly posted in the doodle thread:









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    This Night ride stuff is amazing. What is it for? Love to color and the use of those blacks!

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    We had an assignment to do a chase scene on two pages. I'm pretty proud of it too, basically spent a whole day doing thumbnails, sheesh. The colors are manually separated spot colors, so this would look awesome in print!

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    m3nace wrote: »
    Hark, an update! Recent things I also mostly posted in the doodle thread:


    I identify strongly with this dude

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    edit: also did a new version of the batman strip

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    This week we had Matt Forsythe, former lead designer on adventure time, for some good ole character design. This is the stuff I produced.

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    Man those look ready for adventure time, nice. Are you going to color them?

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    Yeah maybe. I don't know if I should put them on my blog though, I mean I like the designs I did, but it's not exactly the kind of art identity I'm trying to paint myself into... I'd actually like to hear you guys' opinions on how to (or whether you should or shouldn't) brand yourself as an artist. But yeah, maybe I'll color them, could be a fun little thing to do.

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    i think it's important to develop and present an aesthetic which is in a way uniquely yours, but i also think that depending on the work you're looking for, a lot employers would like to see a diversity of techniques, or demonstrating (like you do so well here) an ability to adhere to a preordained style/limitations

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    Yeah, I'd still definitely push a couple of those to polish and include the set of them in a portfolio, especially as they're all so cohesive and show a good adherence to style. You can clearly demonstrate a lot of your own ability and design within the parameters of someone else's house style-- plus there's a cool story behind it!

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    Redonedid an old piece:

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    very cool

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    I love the punchline to that one! I'd maybe push the set up dialogue from the ship passengers to be more flowery or aristocratic. Maybe change Betty to Beatrice or something, use the term 'whale song'.

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    Thanks bro. I'd been thinking a lot about what Frank Santoro taught us half a year ago about how the first gestural drawing is usually the best as well. So anyways when I posted this to tumblr yesterday I immediately got a mail from Frank that simply read "yes." Haha. He then reblogged it to comicsworkbook and now it's got like 150 notes on tumblr. I think I'll be doing more of these and put a zine together or something. Next up is either art deco robots, or 1950s space adventure tackled through this weird mix of humor and tragedy. I think with this comic I've finally found a voice that is distinctly mine and so I'm kind of pumped about that.

    Hah, what the fuck. Just stumbled across this old-ass comment of mine and would you look at what I published a couple of months ago.
    Pssst! Read the entire thing here: https://www.beingernst.com/comics#/disconnector/

    Either way. It's been a while since this thread saw some action, figured I'd let you guys know what I've been up to in the meantime.
    First up I'm finishing up an animated short with my friend Nilas. With some funding from the artist residency where I'm currently still at we got to hire two animators, a cg artist and a sound designer to help us work on this 6 minute long animation about a robot war veteran who gets hired to work in a hair salon for cats.
    The film is called A Robot is a Robot, an homage to french new wave and Gertrude Stein. It features copious hair simulation.

    Meanwhile I'm also working with a semi-renown danish literary writer on piecing together a story for a comic that I'm gonna be drawing, scheduled release is like a year from now or something. This is what it looks like:

    Damn, I've come a long way from being stoked about getting 150 notes on tumblr for a 10 page comic. Life's good and I can credit this little forumspace for a lot of that. Anxiety-ridden and depressed teenage-me really needed a space like this when none of my friends had any interest in genre-illustration or comics whatsoever.

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    your angles are pretty cool

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    @m3nace super stoked that you are doing well!!

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