Desktop background of Gabe's Samus art, also an unrelated Hotline Miami background

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Making a desktop background from someone else's drawing hardly qualifies as art, but still this seems like the best forum to post my derivative works of plagiarism (or "visual remixes" as they are known to nobody ever). I'm sure you fine folks will either enjoy it or give me a comprehensive map of the avenues in which I've failed. That's a win/win in my book, so here goes:

(click to embiggen)

Also made a Hotline Miami background for a Destructoid contest a while back. It's intentionally gaudy and overly busy on the right side in the full version; that was more of a practical choice than a stylistic one, because I have a billion desktop icons.

(the preview is the smaller version I made for the contest, the background version is linked)

Alright, tear me a new asshole and/or joyhole you philistines and/or connoisseurs.

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    Nah, I cant really condone the co-opting of other artists work for distributing it at backgrounds. That aside, though, there is not much for us to critique on works you've pretty much just arranged.

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