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Strip Search - Artists Assemble

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited March 2013 in Strip Search
Strip Search - Artists Assemble

In this episode of Strip Search the artists meet each other for the first time and will be introduced to the location at which they will be residing.

Read the full story here

IcyLiquid on


  • GgrecoGgreco Maker of Arts Seattle, WARegistered User, Penny Arcade Staff staff

  • Danny_BDanny_B Registered User new member
    Finally! So freaking excited for this!

  • GrahamSGrahamS Registered User regular

  • SabinSabin Registered User regular
    I did not know what to expect and the end result really blows me away! The production looks really classy and sleek, on par with reality shows shown on big networks.

    I got a really good impression of all the contestants and i hate to see any of them go. They all seem really nice and talented. But right now, i'm rooting for Maki. Why? He has an awesome beard. That's reason enough.

    The next episode can't come soon enough.

  • TheBSGTheBSG Registered User regular
    Very exciting, everyone seems prototypical for artists, but I think that's a good thing. Kind of annoying that the first episode is just a roster though.

    Judging from the cutouts all of the artists drew of themselves, I'm glad I didn't even bother submitting my work.

    You are the reason God invented shooting people in the face.
    I am the reason you invented God.
  • thehokiestpokeythehokiestpokey Registered User regular
    The info-graphic they posted earlier said that one line cook quits their job. Until further evidence, I am guessing that refers to the winner of the competition.
    Alex, Katie, Lexxy, Maki, Erika, Mac, Nick and Amy all mentioned a paying job that is not line cook. I bet none of them win.

  • GrahamSGrahamS Registered User regular
    edited March 2013
    @TheHokiestPokey: Interesting theory, but we wouldn't put such a potential spoiler in a pre-show infographic.

    GrahamS on
  • TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
    We're going to have to come up with a numbering system for the Erikas. I nominate our Erika as Erika 1. Everything else is up for grabs.

  • rainbowhyphenrainbowhyphen Registered User regular
    My body is so very ready.

    Mossy ToesBurritojohnson
  • nakirushnakirush Registered User regular
    Woot! Glad this is finally happening!

    My only annoyance is Graham Stark (no offense, man). The mellow dramatic tone comes across as very amateur in what is otherwise an incredibly polished piece of entertainment.

  • JohnnyTokyoJohnnyTokyo Registered User new member
    The games begin! Graham, looking suave as ever

  • mr_marsmr_mars Registered User new member
    I feel kind of silly about it now, but I didn't catch on that it was Graham narrating until he showed up on my screen. Glad to see the LRR crew involved in this. And was that Kathleen in the background at 7:25? Sure looks like her.

  • AzazcyhAzazcyh Registered User new member
    Wow. this is incredibly professional! Good stuff! As for Graham's tone, it's strange for me only due to the fact that when he's in that tone I'm expecting a joke that never comes.

    Mossy ToesjkeynakirushTofystedeth
  • Mossy ToesMossy Toes Idle Warhammerer Eye of TerrorRegistered User regular
    Congratulations! Everybody wins! You each get $1000 and a month long time-share in the PA offices because YOU'RE ALL SO PERFECTHHGFFSANGKEMWPAWDHOS!

  • Maz-Maz- 飛べ Registered User regular

    Add me on Switch: 7795-5541-4699
  • Romanian My EscutcheonRomanian My Escutcheon Two of Forks Registered User regular
    I, for one, am immensely disappointed at the decisive lack of traps.

    Everything else was pretty cool, though.

    Just, y'know, needs more traps.

    Trappage, if you will.

    Dorkmaster FlekzerzhuliconmasterKascaralishotzpBurritojohnsonondonasandGgrecoCambiataAnialosTofystedethNotaCylon
  • EncEnc A Fool with Compassion The Land of Flowers (and Dragons)Registered User regular
    And the devious trap.... was the pudding! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Guns make you stupid. Better to fight your wars with duct tape. Duct tape makes you smart.

    I make Encounter Maps for Pathfinder and D&D! Check them out here:
  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    edited March 2013
    egreco wrote: »

    zerzhul on
  • zegotazegota Registered User regular
    Great start! I'm totally rooting for Abby -- she seems the most down-to-earth -- as well as Amy, as I also enjoy superbly confident contestants.

  • algeyaalgeya Registered User regular
    arrggg I wont able to see it until I come back from the office (counting the minutes)

  • myndzimyndzi Registered User new member
    Disappointed that nothing actually happened. I thought this whole thing was so formulaic by now that this kind of thing wouldn't happen :|

  • hotzphotzp Rochester, NYRegistered User regular
    Surprisingly short and bloodless to start. Still, it has a lot of potential, and I am looking forward to what happens next. I think the first episode of reality TV is always going to be preamble and set-up until everyone is familiar with the concept. I am hopeful that the show will pick up a lot of steam from here.

  • sydniussydnius Registered User new member
    edited March 2013
    Kathleen and Graham makins. Canada has something in the water America desperately needs. Looking forward to the series!

    sydnius on
  • toaster_pimptoaster_pimp Registered User regular
    might be the first real reality show like...ever. u know, with normal people acting more or less normally...i like it!

  • HappyaxHappyax Registered User regular
    I am excited about the new show but was disappointed with one thing. The first day elimination. I really would love to see them get a week to settle in so that they can learn what the judges are looking for and we can get to know them. My suggestion for next time would be to have six mini challenges, each of which the winner gets immunity. That way they would have an idea of what the judges want. Then at the end the six who aren't safe one of them goes home. Then go back to normal. Just my thoughts. Love the show and can't wait until Tuesday.

  • GogoKodoGogoKodo Registered User regular
    Looking forward to future episodes. This one was just OK and having watched the trailer and the meet the artist things previously there wasn't really all that much new stuff.

  • agilemaniaagilemania Registered User regular
    @myndzi I think the reason nothing really happened in the first episode is due to the online format of having a larger number of short episodes. 16 minutes is only about 1/3 the length of a standard hour-long reality TV show. If Strip Search were airing on TV the first 2-3 online episodes would have been combined into one and more would have happened in the first TV episode.

  • michaeldemossmichaeldemoss Shreveport, LARegistered User regular
    This is really awesome. I can't wait to see more. I am sad that one of the artist will get kicked out on day one. That seems sad.

  • deltax20adeltax20a This Guy ConnecticutRegistered User regular
    I'm reserving the bulk of my comments until the /meat/ of the show spins up in the coming episodes, but for a LRR/PA foray into "reality tv" this looks pretty slick. I haven't seen any of TBS' show about geeks, but I'm willing to wager this one will be much better to watch, simply for the fact that is has real people, real... ness, swear words, go-karts, and Khoo.

    I'm not very familiar with webcomics artists and artists in general though, so I'm not sure who to really "root for" in this competition. Rather, in a manner that is similar to when I watch other shows like Iron Chef or Top Shot, where I also am not familiar with the people competing, I place them all on a level field (being experts in their craft) and judge them on their personalities, actions, and reactions.

  • Robert KhooRobert Khoo Registered User, Administrator, ClubPA, Penny Arcade Staff, PAX Staff staff
    I'm glad you guys are enjoying his as much as we are. We know the format is a bit wonky, with 42-45 minute episodes being the norm for reality shows, but the ol' Internet doesn't have the patience for that length... Yet. So I think these introductory eps will be as slow as they get, so thanks for your patience!

    Great work on graham and the rest of the LRR/PA crew that made this all happen. It was a crazy adventure.

    Some guy.
    zerzhulhotzpCentipede DamascusBurritojohnsonGgrecoTofystedethNotaCylon
  • ButlerButler 89 episodes or bust Registered User regular
    I'm disappointed there was no enormous ampersand on Jerry's gold chain.

    Gvzbgul wrote: »
    A new born baby's skin is still porous, you can just leave them sitting in a bucket of blood and they'll soak up what they need.
  • toaster_pimptoaster_pimp Registered User regular
    the internet has not patience? i onno...there are those 70 minute long star wars reviews by plinkett that did alrite...

    i thot it was shorter episodes just cuz...u know, it be expensive to do longer ones?

  • AndrewJAndrewJ Scottsdale, AZRegistered User new member
    Love the episode. Not one for reality shows but this is someone I actually care about. I loooove how awkward Mike and Jerry look.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    I was surprised by that last awkward sequence. I'm hoping that was on purpose ;)

    I know I should always expect great production quality from PA and LRR, but I was really impressed by the production quality of this show thus far.

    @GrahamS you sound so subdued! I had hoped to see your inner Ryan Seacrest :bz

  • PinPrickNachoMancyPinPrickNachoMancy Registered User regular
    Are those blindfolds or bras?

  • iconmastericonmaster Registered User regular
    The house is booby trapped? Does someone lose a limb? EXPECTATIONS RAISED.

  • stoolpigeonstoolpigeon Registered User regular
    Pretty sweet - really looking forward to seeing the rest. Stoked about this addition to PATV.

  • scottyb1218scottyb1218 BostonRegistered User regular
    Fantastic first episode, guys. Really interested to see how the artists do...and to hear more about butt virginity?!?!

  • WordLustWordLust Registered User regular
    A good first episode. Jerry is blingin' for real.

  • GnomeTankGnomeTank Registered User regular
    I've never watched one of these competition reality shows (no, seriously, not once). I'm going to tepidly watch this one...don't disappoint me Mike and Jerry!

    Sagroth wrote: »
    Oh c'mon FyreWulff, no one's gonna pay to visit Uranus.
    Steam: Brainling, XBL / PSN: GnomeTank, NintendoID: Brainling, FF14: Zillius Rosh SFV: Brainling
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