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Strip Search - Artists Assemble



  • seegruseegru Master of None St. PaulRegistered User regular
    Cool! Glad to finally see episode one. Makes me really bummed I didn't quite make the final cut. There's always next season! Cheers!

  • strike_the_tripstrike_the_trip Registered User regular
    Erika Moen! Dar is awesome.

    I'm already lovin' SS after the first episode!

  • ZefZef Registered User regular
    This show looks like it's going to be great.

    Anybody gotta time machine so we can get the next episode sooner?

  • The InfraThe Infra Registered User regular
    That thing at the end with the highlights of the next episode?

    Don't do that. Please.

  • Tss_fanTss_fan Registered User regular
    Great start, I understand the shorter length but how many episodes will there be?

    I hope not just 12, this seems too awesome to condense that much.

    Also, I Bet fifteen internet moneys on Monica because she jumped out and her shirt says "pow" she dressed appropriately for the job and that's important. anyone take me up on that?

  • SandrockcstmSandrockcstm Registered User regular
    My only complaint is that there wasn't more.

  • mjrusso45mjrusso45 Registered User regular
    I'm very impressed. Happy to see all the LRR guys involved. Can't wait for more! I like King of the Nerds but this looks quite a bit better.

  • Psycho_PenguinPsycho_Penguin Registered User regular
    I'm so excited for this :D

  • skullsquidskullsquid Registered User new member
    Go Lexxy, KILL KILL KILL!

    Gumba MastarfilyawCentipede DamascusDark Raven X
  • Centipede DamascusCentipede Damascus Registered User regular
    If Lexxy doesn't win, we will BURN THE FORUMS DOWN

  • DrunkMcDrunkMc Registered User regular
    Looking forward to more!

  • KoopahTroopahKoopahTroopah The koopas, the troopas. Philadelphia, PARegistered User regular
    Looks great, can't wait for more!

    Steam - - Koopah089 - PSN - 1639-6388-9968 - Switch
  • BurritojohnsonBurritojohnson Head Burrito Maker ArizonaRegistered User new member

    InkarnitLevin Sadsad
  • IcyLiquidIcyLiquid Two Steaks Montreal, QuebecAdministrator, Vanilla Staff vanilla
    Tube wrote: »
    We're going to have to come up with a numbering system for the Erikas. I nominate our Erika as Erika 1. Everything else is up for grabs.

    I think you meant to write Erika Prime. Damn autocorrect.

  • MalteaseMaltease Registered User regular
    Can we address the gold chain Jerry is wearing?

    I feel like it should be noted.

    What is happening.

    InkarnitondonasandLevin Sadsadtoaster_pimpredfield85Ggreco
  • R4M53YR4M53Y Registered User new member
    I think you guys are GREAT and I LOVE your work, but a "reality" competition show? Seems kind of violently antithetical to the cool and perverse kinds of things you guys usually stand for.

    "Sorry, you are not the strip we are searching for?" made me cringe so hard I almost vomited.

    InkarnitzerzhulGarret Doriganrfilyawtoaster_pimpthewangfdzGgrecohangeduplife
  • InkarnitInkarnit Phoenix, AZRegistered User regular
    Two guys from Phoenix. I'm going for either of them. Hopefully neither turn out to be tools.

  • EricStrattonEricStratton Registered User regular
    Why did only Ty say what his comic is? I feel more connected to him just b/c of that.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Tss_fan wrote: »
    Great start, I understand the shorter length but how many episodes will there be?

    I hope not just 12, this seems too awesome to condense that much.
    I am not certain, but I believe in one of the interviews that PA did about the show, they said on the order of 30 episodes in season 1. I would expect at least 24.

  • TibxeroTibxero Registered User regular
    DAE think that "I'm not here to make friends" is a poor choice of words considering PA prides themselves on hiring employees on the basis that (amongst other things) they would be a good friend to have in the group?

  • FearghaillFearghaill If there is nothing but what we make in this world let us make goodRegistered User regular
    @TIBXERO agreed, and that's what makes Nick's bio so brilliant

    also the best part of the episode is definitely the look on Amy's face when she recognizes Erica:

    Levin Sadsaddsplaistedtoaster_pimp
  • NarcoSleepyNarcoSleepy Registered User regular
    edited March 2013
    I wasn't aware that J J Abrams was attached to this project - how exciting!

    Is it me, or do the blindfolds look like training bras?

    NarcoSleepy on
    Levin SadsadthewpjarviNotaCylon
  • kraughmarkraughmar Registered User regular
    @tibxero "Not here to make friends" is a constant comment by reality tv show contestants. Abby was likely not saying it seriously.

  • TheDastardlyDTheDastardlyD Registered User new member
    I did not know that PA was this into meta humor. This is Dalston Superstars for webcomic geeks. Madly in love.

  • BaconGreaseBaconGrease Registered User regular
    Excellent first episode look forward to the rest!

  • HardtargetHardtarget There Are Four Lights VancouverRegistered User regular
    why is this on youtube and not the PA site?

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Hardtarget wrote: »
    why is this on youtube and not the PA site?
    I think I remember reading that the intent with this was so that the videos could be embedded elsewhere and more available via mobile devices.

  • CaptainRedHookCaptainRedHook Registered User regular
    Anyone else think Tavis looks a lot like Brad Muir of DoubleFine?

  • LoneGunmanLoneGunman Registered User regular
    It always starts friendly like...

  • LoneGunmanLoneGunman Registered User regular
    LMAO...just got to the video from Mike and Jerry. Jerry + track suit + bling = fucking hilarious!

  • RexpopRexpop Registered User regular
    Go Team Lexxy!

    toaster_pimpCentipede DamascuspjarviDark Raven X
  • tynanaideentynanaideen Registered User regular
    My name is Tavis and I do art...time for some rip offs.

    toaster_pimpLevin SadsadthewGgrecoSabinpjarvi
  • toaster_pimptoaster_pimp Registered User regular

    Or it might just cost too much to host it. This is a sans-advertising show...i think.

    (coughpizzapocketscough) :P

  • TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
    edited March 2013
    I could be wrong (edit: and I am, see below) but wasn't this funded through the kickstarter campaign? In which case there wouldn't be any advertising on it and so there'd be no reason not to put it out through youtube. Easier to share and cheaper to host.

    Tube on
  • Robert KhooRobert Khoo Registered User, Administrator, ClubPA, Penny Arcade Staff, PAX Staff staff
    This wasn't funded by the Kickstarter campaign, but rather it was a stretchgoal. We wanted to do something like this for a while, but we wanted to make sure there was a level of interest before we did so.

    As far as "why youtube," the answer is simply a compatibility one. Our old player had some issues with certain devices, and we'd prefer people look at our content rather than not. Simple as that. :)

    Some guy.
  • DreamingDemonDreamingDemon Registered User regular
    Thank you! Looking forward to actual content soon. Intros are nice... actual cartoons, criticism, and competition is better.

  • CuriousPencilCuriousPencil Registered User regular
    edited March 2013
    Whether the content is locally-hosted or globally spread, I'm content to swollen-delighted to see this swell from seed to blossom. Kudos to the instigators, karma to the cohabit[or/ant]s and Fuck Yes to the idea.

    This whole thing, as Reality TV as it is, is a window into people shrinking outward, and we're watching. I am as delighted as I am honored to follow this "process" : let this be the honest way to let people who love what they do, get to do what they do, for people who love what they do, and get paid honest dollar for doing so.

    F*ck Yes To The Idea.

    F*ck Yes to Strip Search.

    CuriousPencil on
  • toaster_pimptoaster_pimp Registered User regular
    thanks mr.Khoo

    nice to get like...real prompt answers to our foolish speculation!

    also, @TUBE : super cute avatar!

  • ReedtekReedtek Registered User regular
    Great intro episode! Looking forward to the next hurry up already...

  • ElderCatElderCat Registered User, ClubPA regular
    Is it Tuesday yet? ... How about now? ... Now?


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