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Need advice concerning employement insurance (Canada)

JeanJean Heartbroken papa bearGatineau, QuébecRegistered User regular
I've never dealt with them before so that will be a first :)

Even tough I told my story a few times on these forums, it's worth repeating for the purpose of this thread : I'm originally from Québec. I moved to Alberta in Oct '11 for work. I've been working for the same company since November '11. I actually like my job and I go along well with my coworkers. I'm moving back to Québec soon tough because I can't stand life here outside of work anymore. All my familly and friends are in Québec and I'm tired of being lonely. I already asked my supervisor if it was possible to transfer to a position in my hometown. It's not, I will have to re-apply. I'm a security guard and licensing requirements varies by province so I'll have to update my license first thing when I get back.

So I'll be quitting voluntarilly my job. I know to be able to collect EI you have to justify yourself if you voluntarilly quit your job. Will ''moving back home to be close to your familly'' considered a valid reason? How can I spin it so it looks acceptable on my EI application? My parents are getting old (68 and 67) so perhaps I can mention that?

Also I'll be living with my parents for a while when I move back. Will that affect anything concerning EI?

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    Mom2KatMom2Kat Registered User regular
    Best thing to do is go to a Services Canada office and ask them. You can even use one of their computers to start your claim. The ladies in at least our office here were great help.

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    RuckusRuckus Registered User regular
    edited March 2013
    Harper's goonsquad just passed new legislation that really puts a boot on the neck of workers who are laid off legitimately, someone who voluntarily leaves their employment is pretty much on a body of flowing fecal matter without any form of conveyance.

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    RikushixRikushix VancouverRegistered User regular
    I was just reading an article in the Vancouver Sun today about how the government is really cracking down on fraudulent EI claims, which add up to like $330 million lost from the government per year or something in that range. As a result there's going to be a lot more scrutiny on people who claim EI - just giving you a heads up.

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