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I fail at research (english tea)

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I'm doing a research project, and part of the data I need is the portion sizes for Tregnothan Earl Grey tea.

From what I can find, it's ~1g of loose per serving (based on an image of a label that appeared to say "10 sachets, 10g"), but I've no idea what the actual serving size portion is.

Can anybody help?

I have googled the everyliving crap out of Tregnothan, and tea in general, and just cannot seem to find what I'm looking for.

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  • ToxTox I kill threads he/himRegistered User regular

    Okay, does that say "10 sachets, 20g e" ?

    And does that mean "10 sachets, each of which contains 20g of loose tea" ?

    Also, how much water would one add per sachet? Like, is there a set standard?

    Argh, I'm so not a tea drinker!

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  • djmitchelladjmitchella Registered User regular
    First, it's Tregonthan, not Tregnothan, though google would have told you that straight away. As for how I found the info below; first off, I know how to make tea already, which helps, but secondly:

    GIS for "tregonthan tea" gives this picture which is a clearer version of yours, and confirms that it's 10 sachets for a total of 20g.

    Sanity checking, that makes perfect sense -- a typical teabag is very light, so 2g is entirely reasonable; googling for "teabag weight" gives this, where they have 10g for 3 Red Rose teabags, but Red Rose is fairly serious tea so could well be stronger.

    As for water, this is a reasonable place to start for how to actually make a cup of tea; typically you'd add make one cup per person and one for the pot, and the amount of liquid per person is "a cup's worth", so a US cup / 250ml or so per person is not too far off.

  • ToxTox I kill threads he/himRegistered User regular
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    Thank you!

    ...and actually, according to the GIS it's Tregothnan"

    It's a weird 'n' is what I'm saying.

    e: That was quick and painless (and helpful), can be closed.

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    Before I do I feel the need to express my amusement that you both managed to misspell it with a picture of it right there. :)

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