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Strip Search - Elimination #1

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited March 2013 in Strip Search

Strip Search - Elimination #1

The two Artists chosen for elimination will now go and meet the Creators and battle to see who has earned the right to continue on in this competition.

Read the full story here

Dog on


  • LadyGwennyLadyGwenny Registered User regular
    Woo hoo! New Ep!

  • abbyhowardabbyhoward Registered User, Strip Search regular
    Oh God Katie I'm so sorry, it should have been me :C

    Katie you look so scared I just want to pat you on your head and shoosh all your fears away

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  • nakirushnakirush Registered User regular
    No surprises here. Glad Katie is still around. Felt really bad for Alex, though. :(

  • GrahamSGrahamS Registered User regular
    Stay 'til after the credits :)

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  • Romanian My EscutcheonRomanian My Escutcheon Two of Forks Registered User regular
    Where were the bats?

    I was lied to about the traps, you can't lie to me about the bats as well! It's unconscionable!

    Anyway, Katie's comic was really good, and Alex was super cool.

    Mike and Jerry are stand up guys as well for actually taking the time to talk to him about it post-elimination.

    Now, if they can just get their bat/trap shit in gear, we'll be all set.

  • dtgdtgdtgdtgdtgdtg Registered User regular
    Damn, that was awesome. The preview made it look like Jerry and Mike were going to be more awkward/intense and less funny, but they were really awesome at balancing the reality show judge tropes and their humor/desire to see the artists do well. I can not wait to see how future elimination rounds go. Very excited. Oh, and it turns out that I am an idiot for thinking Amy made a mistake picking people like she did. She played it perfectly. Fuck.

  • UrbanscubaUrbanscuba Registered User new member
    edited March 2013
    This episode finally demonstrated where the show is deviating from traditional TV competitions, and I believe proved how good it can be. Mike and Jerry's role in the elimination was tasteful and friendly. The small clip after the competition talking to the loser really helped the show transcend the accusations of pandering and helped highlight the real intent of the competition, to provide a fantastic learning experience for 11 people and an opportunity for the 12th. This episode should also serve to squash any notions of the show not having the penny arcade heart or soul as Mike and Jerry's part was both awkward and hilarious with a clear undertone of friendliness. That's what we expect from PA and that's what we got.

    Can't wait for more episodes!

    Urbanscuba on
  • WarmthWarmth Registered User regular
    God this is so stressful.

  • darklaodarklao Registered User regular
    At first I was like "omfg they're all so nice!" but then after a while I was like "omfg they're all so nice!"

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  • flowerhoneyflowerhoney Registered User regular
    Bummer I really liked Alex!
    Buuut... Katie's comic was hilarious, I laughed out loud. So clever!

  • LadyGwennyLadyGwenny Registered User regular
    So nice to see the real Mike and Jerry that we know and love at the end. :) Can't wait to see more of that!

  • HappyaxHappyax Registered User regular
    Wasn't a huge fan of the whole I am gonna try and be the evil/strategy person. It just came off a little mean. But even though we have been watching this for 2 weeks they have only been doing this for like 8 hours, so it is a little hard to be to judgmental at this point.

  • Mossy ToesMossy Toes Idle Warhammerer Eye of TerrorRegistered User regular
    What a right-in-the-feels kicker after the credits--thanks, Graham.

    Wow, this is proving to be everything I could want from a Reality TV show, where I'm genuinely rooting for every contestant. Can't wait for the rest.

  • LexxyLexxy Registered User, Strip Search regular
    Where were the bats?

    I was lied to about the traps, you can't lie to me about the bats as well! It's unconscionable!

    Anyway, Katie's comic was really good, and Alex was super cool.

    Mike and Jerry are stand up guys as well for actually taking the time to talk to him about it post-elimination.

    Now, if they can just get their bat/trap shit in gear, we'll be all set.

    Who said they were going to release them at the elimination stage??

    There's a reason we all looked so tired back at the house.

  • HeyThereElizaHeyThereEliza Registered User regular
    Maaan, I loved Alex. His hair was magnificent! But Katie's was definitely better. Alex's comic is fairly new though so it'll improve over time! I kinda hope he just randomly shows up in episodes. Just because.

  • Bismarck6648Bismarck6648 Registered User new member
    Katie and Nick all the way. Made an account just to say how glad I was to see Katie not go. She's obviously one of the most talented people there. She just can't see it!

    Levin SadsadMynt
  • Romanian My EscutcheonRomanian My Escutcheon Two of Forks Registered User regular
    Lexxy wrote: »
    Where were the bats?

    I was lied to about the traps, you can't lie to me about the bats as well! It's unconscionable!

    Anyway, Katie's comic was really good, and Alex was super cool.

    Mike and Jerry are stand up guys as well for actually taking the time to talk to him about it post-elimination.

    Now, if they can just get their bat/trap shit in gear, we'll be all set.

    Who said they were going to release them at the elimination stage??

    There's a reason we all looked so tired back at the house.

    DVD content?

    DVD content.

  • ScosglenScosglen Registered User regular
    edited March 2013
    Alex seems like a really nice guy, and 90 minutes is definitely a nightmare deadline, but it was pretty clear even partially through the challenge that he's just too green. Katie made it look easy.

    I liked seeing Mike and Jerry come cheer him up at the end. A nice contrast to the unrelenting barrage of zingers throughout the episode.

    Scosglen on
  • WalterJKovacsWalterJKovacs Registered User regular
    I am totally digging this show. Being a bit of an addict of reality "hiring" shows, it's nice to see one that seems to actually challenge the contestants to things relevant to the job (albeit with a bit more pressure). Seems like this won't be a show where I get frustrated at the firings, since the Iron Chef type elimination battle seems like a fair means of doing things.

  • hotzphotzp Rochester, NYRegistered User regular
    edited March 2013
    Katie absolutely killed that comic. I, too, am looking forward to the rest of her ouput during the competition. Also, Amy talking about not having a strategy but then outlining the reason for her picks to appear to not derive from a strategy? That's a strategy, and a devious one at that.

    Also, this was totally one of those samurai duels where the outcome is abundantly clear before swords are even drawn.

    hotzp on
  • THESPOOKYTHESPOOKY im alucard Registered User regular
    edited March 2013
    Crossposting my response from the SE++ thread:

    Finished the episode now, that was really great. I felt really bad to see the first person eliminated go home, which is something I can't say about 99% of reality shows. If you're out there, Alex, it's ok if you totally love Hitler--you're a standup guy with talent and grace.

    Levin SadsadzerzhulTavismaidenElbasunuTofystedethNotaCylonDark Raven X
  • marclsabmarclsab Registered User new member
    Awesome awesome awesome. This is what has finally got me to make an account and comment on PA. Like how the guys can pull of the serious stuff and still be themselves and joke around with around with everyone.

    Anyone else notice how Katie had to buckle up to just sit in the SUV that wasn't going anywhere?

  • marclsabmarclsab Registered User new member
    Sorry for double post I guess. Was that Alex' comic making partner in the first panel? I wonder if Mike & Jerry considered letting contestants come in as a team, that's how they work after all.

  • froesenfroesen Registered User new member
    This was awesome! I was afraid at first that since the PA boys have already said how much they love reality shows, that they were really gonna go for the throat. Or that they might fall prey to the same crap that makes me ignore all other reality shows. But this really brought out the PA guys that I have watched and loved for years now. It was really funny, the artists were really inspiring and it was even heartfelt at the end. I can't wait for more! I only hope that Monica Ray doesn't get eliminated any time soon....she's just so damn cute!
    Love this show even more now. Entertaining as hell!

  • WordLustWordLust Registered User regular
    edited March 2013
    I liked Alex from the moment he arrived at the house. Super friendly guy, always smiling, seemed to call out the happiest and loudest greetings whenever someone walked through the door. I know he would have been a really great guy to have around, so I was sad to see him go. Also, he is clearly a funny guy. I mean, I'm not saying it was the pinnacle of comedic achievement, but that Hitler joke was pretty quick witted for someone getting his balls busted in front of a camera crew. Godspeed, Alex, and best wishes to you!

    I liked that we were given still frames of both comics to examine ourselves before we got to hear the judges comment. As much as I liked Alex, I knew that Katie had it in the bag before Mike and Jerry said a word.

    The best part of this whole episode, though? When Mike and Jerry hopped into the car with Alex at the end, talked to him, encouraged him, wished him well. The one thing I've always hated about reality competitions like this is the shaming element. I don't like to see people being humiliated or labeled as losers pretty much ever. I especially hate it when it's not just in the context of a game, but in the context of a person's absolutely serious dreams. I appreciate that Mike and Jerry realize what this means to the contestants, and while they managed to keep the typical loser-shaming stuff in the show, they did it in a way where it's obvious they're just fooling around. It does make me worried that as more contestants get eliminated, hopes will rise, and jokes in that situation will become drastically less funny to the people up for elimination, but I thought they did a pretty good job of keeping it typical reality show fare while still making it very clear that they're absolutely just messing around and don't wish to hurt anyone.

    But yeah, it totally made my day to see them pat Alex on the back at the end and tell him that, even though he lost the game, he is not a loser as an artist and should absolutely keep drawing.

    I don't usually like reality TV shows and was kinda skeptical that I'd like this as much as the normal PATV material, but I'm warming up to it well. =]

    Oh, and still rooting for Maki.

    WordLust on
    LKMdarklaoTavismaidenCambiataNijhazerCuriousPenciljaberwockynmtrisingtablePanda LikerlawragatajarTofystedethNotaCylon
  • LKMLKM Registered User regular
    edited March 2013
    After backing the Kickstarter project, and watching the first few episodes, I was a bit disappointed. I had hoped to see a show about people drawing comics. Instead, it looked like a typical reality show, with the same callous lack of empathy, the same aim to create real emotional damage in the contestants as every other reality show on TV.

    I have to say, this last episode changed my mind somewhat. I really liked how the episode didn't aim for cheap emotional impact, instead treating the contestants humanely, and even trying to make the experience for Alex better by turning it into a real, valuable learning experience for him. I also like how all of the contestants are shown positively, instead of trying to artificially create strife (though having the winner of a contest pick the two losers was pretty cruel and unnecessary).

    I hope we'll see more of the positive, interesting stuff in future episodes, more teaching, and less of the sad emotional manipulation so typical for your average reality TV show.

    LKM on
  • SabinSabin Registered User regular
    I have to say that Katie knocked that elimination out of the PARK! Funny, clever and really beautiful if you think about the time they had to make it. Still, i'm sad that Alex had to go. You could see that he had a lot of talent, but he just couldn't "bring it". I'm psyched to see what Alex has to bring in the coming years, it will be awesome to watch him grow as an artist and storyteller!

    This episode shows just what differs from this reality show from the others. Everbody is nice, they all have fun and no one throws anybody under the bus (yet!). And Mike and Jerry genuinely wants to help them become better artists and storytellers. It's wonderful to see.

    But i do have one complaint. As with the other comments i'm sad to see the total lack of bats. And traps.

  • FatSoDaFatSoDa Professor Doctor AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Ready. Set. Art! so wonderfully nerdy

    [E]nforcing it Like I stole it

    PAX Aus Enforcer
  • khshkhsh Registered User new member
    It really showed how comfortable Katie was when she was drawing. Before hand she seemed so nervous and reluctant to speak. But when she had that stylus in hand, she just became so relaxed and confident; it was great to see someone like that in their natural element.

  • JerichoJericho Registered User regular
    Oh man just watching poor Katie be stressed out stressed ME out. Great to see her get comfortable at her station. Good luck Alex, I wish no one had to leave.

    Also, Amy is a pro schemer. I love it.

  • KnightmareKnightmare PittsburghRegistered User regular
    This episode was fantastic. It was great to be able to see the artists pump out work under pressure, they both took the challenge in stride.

  • Maz-Maz- 飛べ Registered User regular
    Aww, poor Alex. He seemed like a nice guy..but judging solely by that competition, he deserved to be eliminated. Katie's comic was outstanding.

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  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Great editing job, producers. I was glued to the screen the whole way through.

    That was a great elimination process. 1.5 hours seems crazy short though, I was super impressed by what Katie was able to accomplish in that very short time.

    I really enjoyed the attitude that Alex had throughout his 4 episodes. I think the judging choice was clear cut, but I will miss his extreme optimism going forwards.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Oh, one other thing, I really love that so many of the contestants have been posting in the comments! It's really great to read some of their perspective on the competition as it unfolds for the rest of us, especially the parts that they didn't witness!

  • ChristopherJohnChristopherJohn Registered User regular
    You really appreciate the level of talent each of these artists has when you see them crank out a great comic in such a short amount of time. And they were only given key works for inspiration.

    I thought Mike and Jerry's advice to Alex was really genuine and you could tell how much they understood where he was coming from. They lived it and who better than Mike and Jerry to give him words of encouragement. They are the perfect example of what the future can hold.

  • KhaymanKhayman Registered User regular
    The only bad thing about this show is that it ends

  • evernonrevernonr Registered User new member
    I have nothing to say

    ... other than YES. Great TV and great fun. Hard on the poor artists, but very graceful nice people with talent. I hate them obviously, but can overcome my resentment, though briefly. Ep 5 please.

  • hotzphotzp Rochester, NYRegistered User regular
    edited March 2013
    Double post. One got weirdly delayed several hours before going through?

    hotzp on
  • CambiataCambiata Commander Shepard The likes of which even GAWD has never seenRegistered User regular
    I love how nice everyone is. This show rocks.

    I like Alex and yes he does have pro hair, but I can't say I felt bad for him because even as "green" as Mike and Jerry deemed him, he got to meet his idols, he got to be told by them that he will fulfill his dream if he just keeps at it. All of that is amazing and he's a lucky bastard!

  • CambiataCambiata Commander Shepard The likes of which even GAWD has never seenRegistered User regular
    Also the minute I saw Katie's comic I wanted it to win. I was (foolishly) afraid that Mike and Jerry would be swayed by how much Alex is obviously inspired by their comic, but I really shouldn't have worried. They know what they're doing.

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