Child Forums (G&T's MMO, Moe's, etc) not displaying.

NocrenNocren Lt Futz, Back in ActionNorth CarolinaRegistered User regular
I noticed that the child forums (G&T's MMO, Indie games and Moe's subforums) are not displaying in G&T itself anymore.
Also that when I link to a category (Forum Admin, On-topic, Chat) when using my phone, NONE of the related forums are displayed either.

Nocren on


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    TofystedethTofystedeth Registered User regular
    Yeah, I just noticed the Strip Search forum is gone as well.

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    TubeTube Registered User admin
    Oh dear. @icyliquid

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    IcyLiquidIcyLiquid Two Steaks Montreal, QuebecAdministrator, Vanilla Staff vanilla
    This is fixed. Thanks for the patience.

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