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Complicated one man project

heisantheisant Registered User new member
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Recently in the net I stumbled upon a man from Chicago that was undertaking a project that really blew my mind.

The guy's name is John Gosling, and he is an indie game developer. His new game is called Net Gain, and it is a cyberpunk strategy game where you take a role of corporate broker who's daily routine is to gain information on competitors by managing a team of sophisticated spies/hackers etc.

The game closely resembles a hellish mix of Syndicate and Shadow President.

When I first saw the intro movie and read the description, I was immediately stunned by the complexity and the scale. The amount of work that he put in the game is amazing.

Here is a link:

Then we had a chat with John. I voted for multiplayer. He said it was possible, if the funding was enough. Well it seems we just have to wait and see how much money his kickstarter campaign will earn him. I put in quite a bit. If anybody likes the project the same way I did, please help spread the word.

Does anybody see the potential of this project? Can this be the next EVE Online, if the campaign succeeds? Might we all become a part of this corporate espionage cyberpunk netplay? Time will tell.
For now it is a small, poorly funded indie project made by a talented guy who can really use some help.


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