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O-RA beta test in San Francisco

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San Francisco gamers! We are running a beta of a new mobile ARG app called 0-RA during the week of GDC (March 25-29). There is a prize of $120 in Mac coupons for each of the winners. You need an IOS device and should have a general sense of the city, the game will be conducted as team play with 10 teams of 3, but you don't have to come as a team, we will assign them for solos.

The game begins with a prophecy which warns that our human algorithm - the code of our combined likes, acts, buys etc - is programmed for extinction. You then download a technology which unlocks a series of more complex and powerful avatars as you reprogram the algorithm and find yourself in a mysterious hunt for the hidden frequencies of the Oracle.

See the linked flier and, if you are interested please contact me as soon as possible at [email protected].

thank you.

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