Reverse DNS?

EnderEnder Registered User regular
Okay, so this is a question for where I work, but I'm hoping one of you geniuses can cut down our poking at the server time down a bit.

We had an email server crash, and now we're getting reverse DNS errors from outside email servers. Apparently, the crash shut off us showing our IP address.

The problem being, we're having issues figuring out where to correct this problem. We can't seem to find the stupid switch that says "yes, set up our reverse DNS, you stupid motherfucker."

Anyone have experience with reverse DNS problems?


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    DjeetDjeet Registered User regular
    It's your ISP that hosts your reverse DNS records since they "own" your IP addresses. Of course this is not the situation if you're an IBM, Intel or Google, but I'm thinking that's not likely.

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    EnderEnder Registered User regular
    Hrm, really. That makes sense, if I had bothered to think about it. I'll check up and see if it fixes things.

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