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Cellular Gateway

I'm not sure if this is the correct term, but I'm in the market for a device / adapter that would allow someone to make and receive calls on their senior-friendly, non-mobile phone, but the calls are made through a mobile plan. I've tracked down this box but I'm curious if there's a smaller (1-to-1 tether) / cheaper solution available.

Anyone have any experience in such a set-up?

[PSN: SciencePiggy] [Steam]


  • CuvisTheConquerorCuvisTheConqueror This city now won't last the night Don't let it go without a fightRegistered User regular
    There are a number of cordless phones out there that can pair with a cell phone via Bluetooth (like this, for example). That, plus the cheapest Bluetooth flip phone you can find, would do the trick.

    Would VOIP be an option? Because you could also set up an OBI 100 and a Google Voice account, though you'd need to subscribe to E911 service separately (that costs a couple of bucks a month, though).

  • EvilMonkeyEvilMonkey Registered User regular
    Finding a senior-friendly (big buttons, loud volume, etc) phone with bluetooth was looking problematic, which is why I started searching for an adapter.

    Not sure about internet connection yet but early indication is that it's not going to be an option. Otherwise something like OBi or MagicJack would definitely be in the discussion.

    [PSN: SciencePiggy] [Steam]
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