Where can i purchase Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 and Luigis Mansion Dark Moon at PAX East?

BUBBAZ00TBUBBAZ00T Registered User regular
Hey guys!

I was at PAX on friday but i couldnt find anyone selling new 3ds games. Can anybody help me out and point out to me where i can actually purchase Luigis mansion and Monster hunter ultimate 3 at the PAX convention??? I will be there today.



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    gamerman1227gamerman1227 Registered User regular
    Luigis mansion was available from Nintendo behind their booth, at full MSRP. The line was wicked long and I refuse to pay MSRP for video games anymore so I passed.

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    BUBBAZ00TBUBBAZ00T Registered User regular
    Thanks, i managed to find all the stuff i was looking for only i completely forgot my 3ds is REGION LOCKED so i didnt end up buying any of the games..... it was a really cool convention though

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