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Black screen on boot

Hey guys,

My friend is having a problem with her pc and it seemed a little strange to me and thought I would ask here. The computer when standing up straight boots up then it just goes into a black screen and stays there without going into windows. But then you lay the pc down flat it boots up perfectly fine and works with no issues. Though I did notice the screen flicker once and the and driver gave an error, so I tried updating the drivers but that did not fix the problem.

I also noticed the pc making a lot of noise, like the fans were working on full power or something. I wasn't entirely sure if the cooling system was all the great, because when I opened the case it did feel a little warm inside.

Psu: nzxt hale82n si 650
Intel core i7 3820
Power color 7850 2gb video card

Could it be a Psu problem, or a video card issue. Just the fact the laying it down on the floor and it working that was slightly puzzling, like the problem is really simple but not being able to figure it out.


  • Le_GoatLe_Goat Frechified Goat Person BostonRegistered User regular
    The fact that the positioning of the PC made the difference kind of signals a cabling issue. It could be that the internal cables aren't in snug enough (or that the SATA cable broke part of the plastic that holds it in on the device). It could also be that the card is loose in the system, and laying it down forces the card in better. It could be how the video cable fits better when the unit is laid down versus up-right.

    While I agree that being insensitive is an issue, so is being oversensitive.
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