PAX East is over, but I want to keep PAXing all year! Hit up the general section!

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I'm going to leave this sticky up for a little while just as an FYI for people that have joined the forum community recently and aren't super familiar with the forums.

The PAX section is a community forum! There is more than just the shows themselves. Each PAX has its own on-topic subforum for that specific PAX, but what about things that are PAX related but not specific to one individual show? That's why we have the PAX General Discussion section. In there, you will find meetup threads, conversations about multi-pax events and resources for between-pax activities and communications.

Some examples:
Kiashen is attempting to organize a whitewater trip for paxers
There are meetup threads for many different regions of the USA (and maybe after PAX Aus, the world? :) )
There's a thread about the PAX forums wiki, minecraft, and IRC
There's a conversation about how to improve buttoneering for all the PAXes.
There's a fitness group for keeping each other motivated between paxes
There's a book club!
We did a gift exchange over the holiday season!

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