Question - Scarves?

PeskyJNixonPeskyJNixon Boston, MARegistered User new member
Does anyone have any idea where Penny Arcade gets their scarves made? They are fantastic!


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    NickTheNewbieNickTheNewbie Registered User regular
    Man, that's what I would like to know! MAGFest would love to have those printed, and our logo (in my sig) would work perfectly on them.

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    AzimuthAzimuth Registered User regular
    They are made in China and imported according to the label. Probably by the same company that makes the PA T-shirts, so that might be another avenue to investigate.

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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Brian might be able to tell you if you email him or tweet at him. There's contact info on the PA main site, and he is the merch person afaik.

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    brettness37brettness37 Vancouver, BCRegistered User regular

    Try ruffneckscarves.com (Seattle Company), sportsscarf.com or globalscarves.com.

    I think PA use Ruffneck though.

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