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Linksys Wireless Router

RhinoRhino TheRhinLOLRegistered User regular
edited March 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
I have a Linksys Wireless-G Access point (wireless) that I'm trying to setup.

The directions that came with it are:
1. Plug link into network.
2. Run Setup Program.
3. Zomg! You're on teh internets.

So I plug it into the network then run Setup - it says it can't find it. How it is look for it excactly? Is it by IP Address? Does it have a static IP or is it looking for a DHCP servers or is it trying to find it by Mac address or some weird reverse arp broadcast lookup spam?

srly, this thing is so stupid. I read though the entire manual (and all documents on CD-ROM) and it doesn't even say out this magical setup program is suppose to find it.

Any ideas? Cause you know, if it needs DHCP or some shit like that, it shoudl you know... say "put it on network that has an existing DHCP server or put it on a vlan that can route, etc."... literally it says "Connect other side of cable to router or switch".. those are it's wonderful instructions. What a bunch of jack asses.

I got a DHCP server, but there is a firewall between me and that network - so if it needs a DHCP server, what ports and what fucked up protocol do these guys use in their magic "setup program" that I need to open?

this thing doesn't even have a dam serial port to access it...

Any ideas on how to get to this thing?

Rhino on


  • KurnDerakKurnDerak Registered User regular
    edited March 2007
    1 having computer on with internet connected
    2 start program CD, so that it says you have internet access. They did kinda suck at doing this because they poorly explain how to set it up. you can skip the first 2 steps I think, this is just how I remember it having the instructions.
    3 turn off computer
    4 turn off internet, that is of course if you have a external modem of course, I.E, DSL/Cable. On dial up... I really have no idea.
    5 with router off, connect it between internet and computer
    6 turn on router
    7 turn on internet
    8 turn on computer
    9 run CD again, this time through all the steps
    I believe that is the exact order things need to be done in, and yes, it is horribly irritating IMO.

    Got to on a web browser to change settins. you shouldn't have many settins that you have to change, so leave most of them alone I would say.

    This is all of course that it has either a usb or ethernet port, and they didn't suck so much as to not give either on it. I believe you have to set it up physically for the first computer before you can do any wireless setup.

    KurnDerak on
  • RuckusRuckus Registered User regular
    edited March 2007
    Linksys routers broadcast DHCP by default.

    When you connect the computer to the router, it should assign the computer an IP and gateway information.

    The software probably either attempts to connect to a hard-programmed default IP address, or it tries to make a connection to the gateway IP.

    Ruckus on
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