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A raspberry pi edjamacation

I have managed to convice one of the elementary schools that I do tech for that raspberry pi's are cool and kids should use them. I also volunteered to "teach" the afterschool enrichment class, with backup from some friends. The Pi's showed up last tuesday and I have completed the initial set up for the SD cards using debian wheezy. I have a couple friends of mine that are interested in helping out and I was wondering, well what should I teach them? I was thinking I could run through the basics of what the command line is and show them the GUI desktop interface along with some of the educational applications that are included in the linux distribution I am using. I have heard that scratch is a cool game creating thing but have zero experience with it.

I was thinking about writing up my plans and experiences here and was wondering if anyone would be interested throwing out some small projects or ideas as how to make this the best possible experience for them kids?
oh and they will be 3rd through 6th graders at a "focus" school if that helps you visualize what types of things we could do. I currently have access to 10 pi's and the requisite cables. I will be using them as headless pi's controlled through ssh and vnc for the gui desktop. Eventually if this works out I might be able to get them on the school network but as of now its just getting to play with it without the internet due to the bureaucracy.

Generally I am super excited and a little scared that this might fall flat on its face given my general lack of experience in the area, but who knows!
any feedback would be greatly appreciated from you lovely people.


  • bowenbowen How you doin'? Registered User regular
    The 6th graders you should introduce to the GPIO and python, and show them how to turn lights on and off, or read in a current on pins.

    Then give them a bin of assorted materials like buttons, switches, wires, and so on and see what they make.

    not a doctor, not a lawyer, examples I use may not be fully researched so don't take out of context plz, don't @ me
  • KharnastusKharnastus Registered User regular
    So tuesdays the day. The plan is to present the various pi project websites and see what the kids are interested in doing with it. A friend that is helping me out said that they might not be as gung ho as we are for projects so we might just start with something simple like turning lights on and off... assuming its simple :) wish me luck!

  • Emissary42Emissary42 Registered User regular
    Assuming you haven't already, Make Magazine's website may have some good projects or references to projects that could be worth looking into.

  • KharnastusKharnastus Registered User regular
    So we decided on making some little pi arcade machines. Going to grab some old composite video televisions and joysticks. weeeeeeeeee.

  • KharnastusKharnastus Registered User regular
    Looks like I will try using the PiMAME first, and then try graduating to DOSBOX and NES emulation. I get the feeling these kids might be annoyed at 80s graphics on space invaders... I would and I am only 23. Proof of concept I say! I really want to get commander keen working on one of these. Oh and the grant we applied for came through. MONNNNEEEY.

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