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Strip Search - Elimination #3

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited April 2013 in Strip Search

Strip Search - Elimination #3

As we enter the third elimination the Artists will not only test their art, but their ability to manage the clock.

Read the full story here

Dog on


  • mml007mml007 Registered User new member
    New episode, jeej!

  • GurtPerkGurtPerk Registered User regular
    Lexxy, you are a rock star. Do not stop being amazing. Ever. I would buy a print of that comic right now.

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  • JoshEckJoshEck Indianapolis, IN, USARegistered User regular

  • dtgdtgdtgdtgdtgdtg Registered User regular
    Best episode yet.

  • pirateclubpirateclub Registered User new member
    edited April 2013
    That was a nail biter. Seriously great strips from both; I was expecting some kind of wild card from Mike and Jerry so they could keep both of the artists on.

    pirateclub on
  • TelloTello Registered User regular
    Two Words. Fucking Intense.

  • NijhazerNijhazer Sunnyvale, CARegistered User regular
    This one, uh...

    This one's gonna be controversial.

  • madfigsmadfigs Registered User regular
    I thought Lexxy's strip was the best of the six so far :(

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  • Panda LikerPanda Liker Registered User regular
    This episode was where I thought they would be like 'Screw this, both of you go back to the house and we'll send off two people tomorrow or something' or the happy drama fun time where everyone gets to stay in the house.

    But then I realised that wouldn't be fair to Ty and Alex... and Katie. And it wouldn't be much of a show otherwise.

  • xThanatoSxxThanatoSx Registered User regular
    File that episode under: fuuuuuuuuuuck.

    Brutal decision to have to make. You could tell exactly how much neither Mike nor Jerry wanted to have to choose between those two at that point.

  • CambiataCambiata Commander Shepard The likes of which even GAWD has never seenRegistered User regular
    edited April 2013
    Double sads all around.

    But when Mike said that only one made him laugh out loud, I figured which way it was going to go. Though a tiny part of me had a hope that they'd keep both contestants.

    Lexxy I hope you announce your comic hugely on this forum when it's finally ready for public view, I can't wait to read it.

    Cambiata on
  • AnjinMAnjinM Registered User regular
    I could not have made that decision myself. Wow. Both strips were excellent.

  • NijhazerNijhazer Sunnyvale, CARegistered User regular
    When I think back on this episode, two things stand out.

    The first is how surprised I am to have liked Lexxy's comic as much as I did. She doesn't have a webcomic, she primarily works as an illustrator, but that art-- so clean, so economical-- called to mind the old Sunday comics I used to read as a kid. I haven't gotten that feeling from any of the webcomics I've read over the past several years, and meaning no disrespect to Tavis but I certainly didn't get that feeling from his comic.

    The second is that I wish the LRR crew had cut out the comment that Mike made about Abby's standee. I don't think he would have said something like that under any other circumstances, but it's still going to hurt someone.

  • CambiataCambiata Commander Shepard The likes of which even GAWD has never seenRegistered User regular
    Also Mike needs to be less of a shitbird about Abby's drawing.

  • nhainesnhaines Registered User regular
    So Hell's Kitchen showed up in my Hulu queue and I've been watching that while waiting for new Strip Search episodes.

    Hell's Kitchen is about cooking mastery most of the time and I appreciate that even though the personalities and drama frustrate me. I'm rooting for certain contestants to be thrown out.

    It brings Strip Search into stark contrast. Everyone's amazing, everyone seems to be a great person, and even though I was disappointed in Lexxy's arguing with Kurtz I didn't want her going into the elimination any more than I wanted Tavis to go in. So when I like everyone, and everyone brings their all into the challenge, the drama is so much more intense than in Hell's Kitchen where everyone's a caricature.

    And I love that Mike and Jerry could just agonize over everything so much. It doesn't come as a terrible surprise to me that Khoo was the one who dragged Mike out and forced him to choose. I'm curious why the cameras stopped. But it was fantastic to hear everyone clap for both artists and I'm proud of everyone. This show makes me proud of everyone involved.

  • kolybrykolybry Registered User regular
    I would not say that, but it was the better one tonight. I think the weaker artist walked back into the house this ep.

    That was some amazing illustration, but she could have easily spent another 90 minutes on that strip. Her site will definitely go into my feedreader.

  • HappyaxHappyax Registered User regular
    Wow, that was intense. I feel so bad for Abby when she finally gets to the elimination. Mike's hatred seems to grow with each passing day. I wonder if he is gonna be a good judge on that one.

  • SomeursaultSomeursault Registered User regular
    I found Tavis's comic funnier. Good choice! Now he joins Katie in the legitimate threat category.

  • AvrahamAvraham Registered User regular
    Happyax wrote: »
    Wow, that was intense. I feel so bad for Abby when she finally gets to the elimination. Mike's hatred seems to grow with each passing day. I wonder if he is gonna be a good judge on that one.

    It seemed partially tongue in cheek, and anyway now we'll be rooting for Abby to win an elimination and vindicate herself.

    :bz: :bz: :bzz:
  • caitycaity Registered User new member
    I was kinda sad for Abby. Gotta be honest, I get that her black and white selfie isn't as good as some of the others, but, like the crazy fangirl I am, I looked into the contestants' comics and hers I found the funniest. There are tons of webcomics that, even though their art isn't super technical and colourful, still hold their own. Look at Cyanide and Happiness. It depends on what they are looking for. I think uniqueness is a lot more important. Lots of talented artists can draw but how many can create an original style that draws people in?

  • CambiataCambiata Commander Shepard The likes of which even GAWD has never seenRegistered User regular
    I wonder if in future seasons they're going to plan it so that if one of the eliminations is particularly intense like this one, they'll have built in a way to keep both artists (like a double elimination later).

  • eagleagl Registered User regular
    Wow. I totally agree, Lexxy's strip is from her book, "Circus" complete, which she hasn't written yet. You can imagine that book collecting a year or two of strips documenting the adventures of a bunch of circus clowns. It's all there, at least its super easy for our minds to fill in the blanks. From just that one strip. Wonderful, exactly. Tavis... To be honest, while it fit the elimination assignment perfectly, it's just another web comic I wouldn't read about some guy and his GF/wife/whatever I have nothing in common with. The task was to deliver a web comic in 90 minutes and Tavis did just that, perfectly. I even chuckled, a little bit. Lexxy delivered a sample from a universe she created for all of us in less time it takes me to wake up and drive to work every morning. I laughed out loud and wondered what the clowns would do next because I wanted more. Sometimes you gotta just deliver on the assignment I guess.

    CambiataSandra SnanzerzhulAnialosBuchowebofink
  • dorsaldorsal Registered User new member
    I love that this Episode was able to give us a look behind the curtain at Mike and Jerry, and Show them doing something incredibly difficult. The level of emotion from everyone involved is amazing.

  • Angry_SamoanAngry_Samoan Now with 20% more mange... Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    The better artist got eliminated here. Tavis' art wasn't as good as Lexxy's, his strip wasn't that funny and he misspelled areola.
    Lexxy's work was brilliant, and I was also amazed that she was able to pull that out in so short a time.

    Angry_Samoan on
    "The history of all sports is to cheat whenever possible."- Tony Kornheiser
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  • El_FunkoEl_Funko Perth, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    edited April 2013
    Wow, that was intense. It was great to see Mike so tortured by having to choose, and Khoo's harsh dose of reality.

    I really hope Abby gets a shot at an elimination challenge and creates something to make Mike eat his words from tonight. Based on those self portraits, I don't disagree with him either - I just want to see another instance where the 90 minute challenge inspires the artists to squeeze out a diamond.

    Edit: One thing that amuses me is Mike and Jerry are purposely acting up these harsh, asshole-reality-show-judge personalities for the show. However Mike's scathing remarks about Abby's drawing weren't part of that character - that was all real.

    El_Funko on
  • CambiataCambiata Commander Shepard The likes of which even GAWD has never seenRegistered User regular
    My mind is still kind of blown about how much they left on camera about Mike's comments towards Abby's cutout self-portrait. Mike and Jerry are, generally speaking, professional assholes who tend to say this stuff on the internet all the time. But knowing how much love and consideration they've shown towards the artists so far, it was a bit of a shocker to hear him speak like that. I don't think I agree that it should have been edited out but wow.

    I'm kind of feeling that maybe Abby isn't long for this show (sorry Abby fans).

    On the other hand, maybe that was left there to intensify the drama of her comeback, so that when she is in elimination and truly impresses Mike, we can understand how much she had to overcome to do that.

  • kolybrykolybry Registered User regular
    edited April 2013

    I am always looking for art first, i dont want to read something, that does not tickle my eyeballs. So XKCD, Dinosaur Comics etc dont do much for me.

    Still, i gotta say, Abbys guest strip for Kurtz was pretty funny.


    I think that was the heat of the moment talking. I mean, Mike ate his words immediately when he saw Lexxys strip. To him Abby is just two tangents on a cutout. That was real frustration talking. Loved it.

    I also would hate it if they pull a no one goes home tonight. shit is gonna get hard, deal with it. They have to sent home 11 of those 12, you cant just cop out and postpone that decision. What happens then? A four-way-elimination? What if 3 of the strips are amazing in that elimination?

    kolybry on
  • NijhazerNijhazer Sunnyvale, CARegistered User regular
    You know what, there's one more thing that stands out to me. Mike refused to burn the art.

    Respect. You don't get that shit in Hell's Kitchen.

    CambiataAvrahamnhainesAww JeahMichyGearyspiffmanaAzaminoSilverEternityenderandrewDark Raven XfraggyBuchoKreutz
  • Aww JeahAww Jeah Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    lexxy took her loss like a pro. a class act. i don't believe she'll need this show to make a successful career for herself.

    Aww Jeah on
  • Angry_SamoanAngry_Samoan Now with 20% more mange... Registered User regular
    I have to agree that Mike's comments about Abby were odd. He must have seen her other work when they selected those to appear on the show. So he hates her cut-out. I get that. He's been consistent about it since the first elimination. But this outburst seemed off.
    Maybe it was just out of frustration from having to make so hard a choice between these strips.

    "The history of all sports is to cheat whenever possible."- Tony Kornheiser
  • mbnmacmbnmac Registered User regular

    At least she walks away with a Cintiq, I think that would take the sting off anybody having to leave.
    I think I prefer Tavis' comic myself, but only a little. I loved Khoo having to take Mike out to talk him down, and the fact he simply wouldn't burn the work (I kinda hoped he'd say he wanted to keep it for himself/the office).

    Also wasn't anywhere near as intense as I was anticipating from the preview last time

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  • djlowballerdjlowballer Registered User regular
    I don't agree with the creators in this one. Lexxy is my least favorite contestant but her comic was on an entirely different level than Tavis's. I got a chuckle out of Tavis's comic but the art and joke were low brow. Lexxy turned a "dirty" subject into something that would please a general audience and did so in a style which is timeless and eloquent. Respect to PA for all their work but this episode made me start to doubt their appreciation of art.

  • WordLustWordLust Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    Great episode! A hard choice like this was inevitable. I had said after elimination #1 that I was worried that tearing/cutting/burning the strips would become an issue for the contestants as the heat turned up, but it was interesting that it became an issue for Mike first. I like that he refused to destroy it. At the end of the day, it's just a game. I appreciate that Mike and Jerry remind every parting contestant that their departure is more about a game than their ability, and I similarly appreciate how not destroying the art communicates the same thing.

    I was a little shocked that Mike let some hurtful comments for Abby fly. She didn't know it was happening and didn't see that comment until much later, but it still can't feel good to hear someone you look up to say that you're shit. It was a pretty weak moment, and it literally made me wince. Great power, great responsibility, uncle Ben, etc.

    But on the other hand, I also somewhat appreciate that Mike and Jerry's frustrations and agonizing are shared with us. It's sort of like Strip Search started as a mere game show, and now it has this sort of extra (albeit thin) layer of documentary over the whole thing about Mike and Jerry's experience as judges. That's pretty distinct from normal reality shows as well. Most people probably don't see Simon Cowell as the kind of judge that goes out and drinks because of the decision he had to make. It's interesting to see that turmoil. The torture chamber is not just for the contestants.

    Both were great, but Tavis's did seem to be more traditionally cartoony. Lexxy's work is phenomenal, though, of course. She could maybe skip the three-panel cartoons and go straight to illustrating. A graphic novel maybe?

    WordLust on
    CambiataIntangible 360
  • Ignus3Ignus3 Registered User regular
    Seriously. This show is quickly becoming the thing I look forward to most on this site. Fucking intense. I love tycho's weird musings and takes on industry news and recent games, but I find myself more and more excited to find out what happens next every single episode. I had my doubts about strip search at first, but holy SHIT you guys knocked this out of the park.

  • eagleagl Registered User regular
    The funniest part for me, having followed PA for a while and seen PA the series, is how Mike and Jerry are still trying to find out some way to justify hiring Lexxy.

  • ShpydirShpydir Registered User regular
    That was rough. I definitely cursed out loud when I saw the final strips. How do you even start to pick between them? Mike's rant was probably just blowing off steam from having to make such a difficult decision, but tangents are super annoying.

    I didn't think Lexxy would win because she seems like she takes a lot of time with her art, so I was shocked she pulled out a strip that was so very good. I've participated in a few 24 hour comic days and I am amazed by all the contestants' ability to do a strip in 90 minutes. I am so glad I didn't apply to be on this show.

  • BurritojohnsonBurritojohnson Head Burrito Maker ArizonaRegistered User new member
    HOLY BALLLLZ! That was the BEST episode yet! Watching Mike & Jerry STRUGGLE to decide who to eliminate, because the strips were too DAMN GOOD! GAH!!

  • kolybrykolybry Registered User regular
    Man, i looked at Lexxys strip again. That is just gorgeous. I just want her to take home that basket and fill a book with 90 min 2 topic strips.

    I am sorry Tavis, but yours "just" looks like a webcomic and I have seen too much of those. The Joke worked, but was like djlowballer said lowbrow.

  • RecycledHeroRecycledHero Registered User regular
    *Slow clap* Damn good episode.

  • arcticmonkeysfanarcticmonkeysfan Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    Now, I'm really curious as to who they think the 6 people at the house who are just as good as Lexxy and Tavis are and who are the 3 that aren't quite on the same level.

    As for the elimination, I can understand why they chose Tavis. I thought Lexxy's comic was definitely a more interesting and creative piece of work. I think Jerry basically said it perfectly when he called it wonderful. However, Tavis' was more of a standard "webcomic" comic and his looked more like a polished finished product. Really sad to see her leave the show though.

    Also could someone more knowledgeable than me explain to me what exactly is so bad about tangents?

    arcticmonkeysfan on
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