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Strip Search - Elimination #3



  • eagleagl Registered User regular
    Hah. I keep laughing when I go back and look at it. Playclown. *snicker* She even put the little "flip" in there when the centerfold fell out. I think the maturity really shows where even with 5 action panels, each character is actively DOING something unique in each one. They are each doing something completely separate and in character for 3 panels, start to coalesce in panel 4, then they come together in panel 5 for the first time focusing on the same thing with all of them quite literally on the same page (heh), then panel 6 is the kick. Very mature, classic comic design and execution. Super well done, I got a flashback to reading the sunday comics 25 yrs ago.

  • LavidiusLavidius Registered User regular
    I utterly agree with Graham: holy crap. After reading both comics before Mike and Jerry weighed in, I actually thought Lexxy had it hands down, since the joke of Tavis's didn't completely resonate with me on first read-through and "Playclown" just sealed Lexxy's as brilliant in my opinion. When Mike was impressed with her art I thought she totally had it, but Tavis's is a lot closer to PA and was also extremely well-executed so I understand why they made that choice, even though I disagree with it.

    Her strip reminded me of this one; not sure if this was intentional (playing to Jerry?), subconscious, or completely coincidental:

    What a gracious loss to boot: granted she's probably more comfortable with Mike and Jerry than most of the contestants are, but to be able to go through that harrowing experience and then calmly trade witticisms with them bespeaks incredible self-control and professionalism. Well done.

    Can't wait for more. I feel so invested in these characters after a quarter of the show that I can't imagine how on-edge I'm going to be for the finale. Hats off to PA and LRR for the concept and execution.

    (Signed up just to post this because I'm too jittery to sleep.)

    arcticmonkeysfanCambiataescape908Intangible 360Spiritfire
  • Sandra SnanSandra Snan Medium-sized European cityRegistered User regular
    edited April 2013
    My full sympaties with Mike, that must’ve been agonizing!
    I can totally see why he ended up with this decision, his instant reaction to Tavis’ strip was a chuckle.

    But here is how I would rank the final strips overall.
    1. Lexxy’s clown circus.
    2. Katie’s ping pong
    3. Alex’ space
    4. Katie’s future despair
    5. Ty’s lost in time (his webcomic is pretty good though!)
    6. Tavis’ areola circus (it’s just something we’ve seen to death).

    So I agree that Katie was the best in both her appearances, but that her second appearance wasn’t as funny as Alex’ space escapade.
    I agree with Mike and Jerry that referencing the contest in the strips makes it a bad strip, but I also think that Tavis’ and Ty’s strips are pretty bad strips. Again, they can do great work outside the contest context.
    We’ll see how things change as the show continues.

    Sandra Snan on
    Angry_SamoanIntangible 360
  • Angry_SamoanAngry_Samoan Now with 20% more mange... Registered User regular
    I have to agree with Sandra's rankings, although I may put Ty's comic under Tavis'. Lexxy's comic had tons of other possibilities the others just didn't have. That's what made it amazing, along with the variety of poses she had in each panel.

    "The history of all sports is to cheat whenever possible."- Tony Kornheiser
    Sandra SnanIntangible 360
  • CambiataCambiata Commander Shepard The likes of which even GAWD has never seenRegistered User regular
    I'm not going to call Tavis' comic bad, but I personally didn't get the joke.

    I didn't laugh at Lexxy's comic, either, but it did make me smile.

  • SlaignSlaign Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    I'm sure that since Mike posts about each episode, we'll hear him talk about his comments about Abby. I really think it was just he was turning away in frustration, caught a glance of the piece that annoys him, and lashed out. It's totally understandable, and I'm glad it wasn't cut because it shows just how stressful it was.

    I don't think it's fair to accuse them of being unappreciative of the art. I might be wrong, but I never thought this was all about "just" being a great artist. This is also about being the right artist for their company.

    Frankly, I found both of these strips only moderately amusing. I felt the subject matter lent itself to much funnier, and easier, jokes. I just felt the prompts had a lot more potential.

    I wasn't surprised that the decision was so hard, but I was honestly surprised they held the comics in such higher esteem than they had previous comics.

    Slaign on
  • Jawz808Jawz808 Registered User new member
    Lexxy's personality rubs me wrong but her strip was right up my humor alley.

    Sandra SnanhodumaruAzaminocgardner42nosolemookedinik
  • Sandra SnanSandra Snan Medium-sized European cityRegistered User regular
    Oh, from someones recommendation here I looked at Abby’s web page and it was very funny!

  • CambiataCambiata Commander Shepard The likes of which even GAWD has never seenRegistered User regular
    edited April 2013
    Tavis' comic was way more in line with what Mike and Jerry do, which is probably why it ultimately won.

    Lexxy's comic was way more in line with some of my favorite web comics, like The Abominable Charles Christopher or Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant, and from what she's shown of The Cloud Factory I expect it to be in line with those - but those are not gag comics even though they're funny sometimes. They are richly illustrated epics and character pieces, and that's not really what PA does in the grand scheme of things.

    So in terms of finding "the next" Penny Arcade, they made the right decision.

    Still hurts like hell, though.

    Cambiata on
  • Sandra SnanSandra Snan Medium-sized European cityRegistered User regular
    Tangents mess up our depth perception a bit. In the case of Abby’s portrait (if you look closely, the tangent isn’t really that bad/tight) it sort of looks like her shoulder and cheek are pinching against each other, instead of one being way behind the other as it would be if they overlapped or were a bit a part.

  • AurichAurich Registered User regular
    Man I don't even. Judging just by their attitudes and the way they answered the questions Tavis seemed way more competent and authentic, but his comic barely had any joke. Lexi's comic was just better in every dimension.

    Sandra SnanCambiataTheSpyderfraggyBucho
  • Sandra SnanSandra Snan Medium-sized European cityRegistered User regular
    Angry Samoan, you might be right about those two last ones. Actually the only two strips I really love are at the top. They are imaginative.

    By the way, did you guys see how Lexxy winced when J&M said areola, and once more after they started giggling about it?

  • SlaignSlaign Registered User regular
    Here's an article about tangents in art. The basic idea is that in art a tangent doesn't just mean when two lines touch, but is a broad art term for shapes that create distract from the piece.

    Sandra SnanarcticmonkeysfanmakitoriKoopahTroopahAzaminoduddles
  • usualegoismusualegoism Registered User new member
    *hi5* *slow clap*
    That was such a good episode, felt bad for Michael and Jerry and obviously Lexxy ...such a good strip with its own style. Really enjoyed it.
    And good intervention by stat man Khoo!

  • JermsJerms Registered User regular

    Just... damn. That was a tough one. It's the first time I would have picked the eliminated strip as the winner if I was in the shoes of judgement, although it still would have been hard. I think in the end that there'd be a strong correlation between people who draw and people who would have picked Lexxy's strip. It was gorgeous. Like a newspaper strip from the '20s. So... non-webcomic-y, for want of a better description.

    Lexxy; I hope seeing Mike's internal contortions gave you some warm fuzzies when you got to see the episode yourself. You are fucking awesome and I *want* to read The Cloud Factory. Start smashing that Cintiq, dude. ;)

    CambiataSandra Snanaerobeingescape908Cantide
  • SlaignSlaign Registered User regular
    Actually, here's a different article with better examples of tangents and how they can be distracting.

  • CambiataCambiata Commander Shepard The likes of which even GAWD has never seenRegistered User regular
    At this point I'm not really sure who I'm going to be rooting for now that my favorite is out of it. I might be leaning towards the Beardwall.

  • Sandra SnanSandra Snan Medium-sized European cityRegistered User regular
    Slaign, I like both those articles, they point out different things. As for Schweizer’s guide, I think “the parallel” sometimes can look good, in a very abstracted image.

  • xdeathknightxxdeathknightx Registered User regular
    Man I could see why this was such a hard decision. It was both quality work and then you have to choose between them.

    I kind of had a feeling which way they were going when they said Lexxy's art was great for a book. And I think they went for Tavis because it was more a webcomic, whereas Lexxy's one could be turned into a great graphic novel and do really well. It is really hard when you have two artists and you don't want to send anyone home. And then I think it comes down to trying to decide which one would mesh best with your audience.

    Although I am hoping for someone with their own style, if I have to fault Tavis it is because it was a lot like a PA comic and for that I'd rather go to PA than someone else. But yeah it is really hard to find someone with their own style and humour that still mixes with the majority of your viewers. You don't want to go through all this and then get someone almost no-one reads. And I am sure everyone involved got a lot more followers.

  • BaarogueBaarogue Registered User regular
    Maaan, I was gonna make a "skin of their teat" joke here and then Lexxy went and said, "skin of my teeth," at the end.

    Great episode. I too was startled by Mike's diatribe about tangents (not knowing what the big deal is) so those articles help. Thanks Slaign.

  • SejarkiSejarki Registered User regular
    I felt they made the wrong decision. Lexxy's comic made me want to see more of her work. Tavis's comic had the opposite effect.

    Cambiatamml007MichyGearyAbsentiaKoopahTroopahCantideRaakamBuchoIntangible 360
  • TheSpyderTheSpyder Registered User regular
    I was surprised as well by lexxy's comic, didnt think she had it in her. The drama from the PA guys was compelling as well.

    CambiataSandra Snanescape908
  • DirewolfDirewolf Registered User regular
    Oh fuck, this episode. Rewatched #9 right before and the whole thing is just a terribly emotional rollercoaster.
    And it's only going to get more intense from here?! (º_o)

  • LexxyLexxy Registered User, Strip Search regular
    I can't even begin to express how much the response to this episode means to me, so I'll just leave these here and roll around in my all feels elswhere:


    Thanks, guys.

    mml007CambiataSejarkiarnifixJermsPeter EbelTheSpyderdroopybunsRaphDSmegascorcherCaseusTrunkersKnightmareMichyGearyAngry_SamoanFalxjalthierHappyaxTomantaaerobeingzerzhulescape908there'saforum?usualegoismGONG-00KochikensKoopahTroopahCantidetynicFearghailldjmitchellaSassoriElbasunuSpman2099The_one_true_JessEricsSeattleDad09Raakamlamelama22TheScrupleFyndirThe_Glad_HatterDiplominatorMoorkusTofystedethgavindelDark Raven XahdokbombardierfraggyKiplingKabitzyFayilimilow49ReedteknindustrialmysticjuicerHardmanBuchoKamelonKhade97Intangible 360JuliusRaslinTemporal ParadoxUEAKCrashchromdomsaluksicspool32
  • TheSpyderTheSpyder Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    I think Mike's outburst against Abby's drawing was something he was always sort of irritated about (see first elimination), but like, the frustration was so high at choosing between two GOOD drawings instead of what happened before that he couldn't deal with all of his feels rationally for a second.

    TheSpyder on
  • CambiataCambiata Commander Shepard The likes of which even GAWD has never seenRegistered User regular
    Lexxxxxyyyyyy don't go show us your comic COME BACK HERE SO I CAN LOVE ON YOU MORE (not creepy)

  • Peter EbelPeter Ebel CopenhagenRegistered User regular
    Lexxy wrote: »
    I can't even begin to express how much the response to this episode means to me, so I'll just leave these here and roll around in my all feels elswhere:


    Thanks, guys.
    What the fuck? I d'awwed aloud and my eyes misted up at this. Damn you, manipulative emotion wizard!

    Fuck off and die.
  • astronautcowboy3astronautcowboy3 Registered User regular
    If you haven't read Tavis' work, and also happen to be married and/or a parent, you really should check it out. With all due respect to Lexxy, whose art blew me away when I looked at it this afternoon, I really went into this episode rooting for him because I felt I could relate so well to him. In fact, after realizing how important his family is to his comic, I was surprised he even answered the fifth question in the Twitter challenge.

    When you're a husband or a dad, things change. Who you are and how you act in public doesn't just reflect on you or your work, but on your family as well. When you get to that point in your life, you stop wanting to deal with trolls altogether; that time is better spent on other things. When he said he could make a strip in 90 minutes easily, I was like, "Heck yeah. Because that's all you get with a little one running around."

    I'm glad he one, and I hope he goes far in this competition.

    I think Mike owes Abby an apology. There was no need to bring up her work in that manner. I'm sure that, unless she won, she's gonna be pretty upset when she sees this episode. I hope in a later elimination she rocks his face off.

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  • RaphDSRaphDS Registered User regular
    I audibly whispered "nooooo!" when Lexxy got the boot. But mad props to Tavis, that was hilarious!

    I also laughed way out loud when Mike's joke on Abby's picture arrived too! :)) The dramatic moment of Mike being upset suddenly gave way to comic relief.

  • darklaodarklao Registered User regular
    Not done watching, probably be back to post again, but ffs you need to get whoever the fuck is behind Mike and Jerry all twitching and moving their hands and knees and shit out of the shot. It's driving me fucking crazy.

  • kolybrykolybry Registered User regular

    noticed that as well. I think it was Khoo.

  • droopybunsdroopybuns Registered User regular
    Both comics had great jokes in them. Playboy combined with clowns is a destination we should celebrate. Plumeting to your death is never the first thing I expect when dealing with an areola. I find it surprising that anyone thinks either of these weren't funny. They both have strong, unexpected punchlines.

    Mike's tantrum is what I take real issue with. This was bad leadership and exploitative. He hopefully feels ashamed of himself and works to make amends towards abby. She's the youngest of the group and just by that fact the least experienced. Mike has kids and ostensibly manages a large business. He knows better than to behave this way and did it anyways. Why? Probably because he felt ashamed for having to destroy a beautiful piece of art. Maybe he shouldn't have created strip search then. Why do Alex & Ty get the funny destructive-send off but Lexxi averts this end?

    I see people expressing sympathy for the tension of Mike & Jerry's "difficult" choice. Poor mike? How about "what an ass." Lexxy is far more mature, developed & confident in her work. She doesn't get the treatment that the other losers do. Spineless.

    On the flip side, I hate television and reality tv in particular. The PA team has made a show and I'm watching it in spite of my normal aversion to this genre. I'm excited to see the rest of the series.

    Oh, and jerry's corpsing when "the aerola" is revealed is the best moment of the series so far. Thanks for making this great show. I hope the artists all survive what you assholes are doing to them! Particularly Katie! Go Katie!

  • eagleagl Registered User regular
    By the way, did you guys see how Lexxy winced when J&M said areola, and once more after they started giggling about it?

    I get the feeling she doesn't stomp in puddles very often. Which doesn't change the fact that she's crazy talented. She might even broaden the PA brand with an affiliate strip that isn't quite as twisted.

    (begin tangent)
    Unless they can get her to try pot. I grew up with some stoners and I bet she would make a great stoner. It might ruin her talent but it would make food taste different and everything would be funnier, so she'd have that going for her. For that matter, she probably should have bribed the judges with a doobie to make her strip funnier, because
    (end tangent)

  • megascorchermegascorcher NorwayRegistered User regular
    It was impossible not to have the outcome completely spoiled by the comments. They're full of spoilers, I didn't stand a chance. Guldarnit.

  • darklaodarklao Registered User regular
    Mokay... I was glad to "see" the off-camera stuff. It should hurt, right? Also, I felt like last time with the smiley was kind of disrespectful so I'm glad to see some real feels break their ability to proceed with the joke. Also, I think they made the right choice in terms of best fit with the tone of PA... but Lexxy is a goddamn class act and deserves huge success which I am confident she will find through hard work and total awesomeness. So talented.

  • spazziumspazzium Registered User regular
    This is my favorite episode so far. I don't think it's for the drama either, as I usually don't appreciate reality TV show drama. I like this because it's human in every sense of the word. Lexxy's awesome drawing below is proof of this.

    By the same token, I feel sorry for Abby after Mike's obvious frustration at having to eliminate such a great artist. But this is also human and Abby will have her chance to prove herself.

  • MichyGearyMichyGeary Registered User regular
    I've got to say, I'm really surprised. I thought Lexxy did an outstanding job. Not only did I find the humor more accessible, but the execution in her illustration was really impressive considering how pressed she was for time. If I didn't know, I wouldn't have thought it was rushed at all. It was really pretty polished. Plus her art is just so gorgeous. I do like Tavis's style, but there's just something about the way Lexxy arts that is so unique and not something you see every day in comic strips. I feel like that's way more valuable than "Oh, this one looks more like a comic strip because it has big bold lines and full color." But them's the cards.

    It's a major bummer that she has to go home because she argued with someone about Twitter. I almost wish they had done this elimination round differently--maybe take a leaf from The Amazing Race and just make it a "non-elimination round" so that they don't have to send anyone home for doing what was actually really quality work.

    aerobeingAngry_SamoanMandingoSpman2099CambiataIntangible 360
  • froesenfroesen Registered User new member
    That was amazing!
    What a hard choice, I could see it before they said it. I think I would have sent Tavis home, only because I loved Lexy's style that much more.
    The best part was when they shut off the camera. So much of what I love about Penny Arcade comes from how real these guys are and hearing how tough it truly was for Mike especially was touching.
    How did I ever think that this show would be anything but awesome?

    Sandra Snan
  • Sandra SnanSandra Snan Medium-sized European cityRegistered User regular
    Megascorcher, aren’t the comments hidden by default?
    But, yes. Elimination episodes are especially spoiler sensitive… I’m crazy spoiler-averse, so I feel your pain.

  • GPrime85GPrime85 New JerseyRegistered User regular
    Jeez... even my hands are shaking after watching that. 0_0

    In my experience, the most difficult part of creating a comic is the writing and "rough drawing" phase. The part where you're juggling with different words, concepts, facial expressions, poses, compositions... you have to be able to think clearly and spread out your ideas out. I can't listen to podcasts or music with lyrics or my thoughts get tied up in knots. It's similar to doing math while someone's shouting numbers at you. It's like, "Please don't talk to me right now, even though I really want to talk! I don't have room in my head for any more words!" >_< I have to give my respect to the artists being able to create anything in that environment: with a time limit, with people talking to you, with everything on the wire.

    Sandra Snan
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