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[Let's Play Co-Op] Resident Evil 6 - S02 - Leon's bad day

KlykaKlyka DO you have anySPARE BATTERIES?Registered User regular
edited April 2013 in Games and Technology

Hey guys,
John Zoidberg and me are starting up a co-op LP of Resident Evil 6 in celebration for his 30th birthday and we thought we'd share it with you!
We always stream the LP on our channels ( and ) and then upload them to Youtube later.
Hope people can enjoy this both live and in video form and that this (apparently) terrible game isn't going to destroy the two of us on our grand adventure through zombieville!

Set 01 - Press buttons to do stuff
Klyka's POV
Zoidberg's POV

Set 02 - Leon's bad day
Klyka's POV
Zoidberg's POV

SC2 EU ID Klyka.110
Klyka on


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