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[Mini-Phalla] Persona 4: The Real Main Characters (Day 10 - Fool Arcana Victory!)

ArdorArdor Registered User regular
edited April 2013 in Critical Failures
Welcome to the Persona 4 Mini Phalla – Less Teddy [Bear] and More Persona!

This game is to represent those who were abused, injured and decimated by all of the elements in the game and made possible the SMT: Persona 4 game for without them, you would have some humans and a teddy bear with some humor and no action. BORING! This game represents the Personas of the game! A true game representing those who made all of the SMT games possible!

The number of players will hopefully be between 25 and 30. We can make this work with any number otherwise.

All players will have the following:

1) Element (1) - (Wind/Fire/Ice/Electric/Physical)*
2) Arcana (1) - (Fool/Justice/Strength/Sun/Lover)*
3) Skill Points (4) – To spend on abilities* or strengths to make your persona.
4) Starting Weakness (1) – You begin the game with a single weakness of your choosing. Being attacked by a weakness makes you take double damage.
5) Starting Strength (1) – Players begin the game with an elemental strength of their own Element.
6) Hit Points (HP) – Players all start with 3 HP.
7) Name – Players create the name of their persona.

*Based on the number of players, these are subject to change.

Win Conditions:

You may win in one of three different ways:

1) The Strongest Element: When all players remaining share the same starting element or one element outnumbers all other elements by a >2:1 ratio, those players achieve this win condition.
2) The Best Arcana: When all players remaining share the same Arcana or one Arcana outnumbers all other arcanas by a >2:1 ratio, those players achieve this win condition.
3) The Toughest Persona(s): When there are 2 or less players remaining, they achieve this win condition regardless of elements or arcane.


Each day, you may vote and use one ability. See below for votes and abilities. There will be a Day 0 allowing the players to create a persona.

Every day starting with the beginning of Day 2, all remaining players gain 2 SP to spend.

Upgrading abilities: You may spend the difference between the levels of a spell to upgrade it to the next level, same element. (Example: You buy Bufu on Day 0. When you have 2 points, you can upgrade Bufu to Bufula. When you have another 4 points, you may upgrade Bufula to Bufudyne.)

Abilities, Resistances and SP Cost:
Abilities: You are required to start the game with at least one ability. You may hold onto any SP you don’t spend. You can spend SP during any day you wish.

Level 1 Single Target (SP Cost – 2):
Dia – Heals a target 1 HP, this can be used on self.
Garu – Wind attack, deals 1 damage to one target.
Zio – Electric attack, deals 1 damage to one target.
Agi – Fire attack, deals 1 damage to one target.
Bufu – Ice attack, deals 1 damage to one target.
Cleave – Physical attack, deals 1 damage to one target.

Level 2 Single Target (SP Cost – 4):
Diarama – Heals a target 2 HP, this can be used on self.
Garula – Wind attack, deals 2 damage to one target.
Zionga – Electric attack, deals 2 damage to one target.
Agilao – Fire attack, deals 2 damage to one target.
Bufula – Ice attack, deals 2 damage to one target.
Mighty Swing – Physical attack, deals 2 damage to one target.

Level 3 Single Target (SP Cost – 8):
Diarahan – Heals a target 3 HP, this can be used on self.
Garudyne – Wind attack, deals 3 damage to one target.
Ziodyne – Electric attack, deals 3 damage to one target.
Agidyne – Fire attack, deals 3 damage to one target.
Bufudyne – Ice attack, deals 3 damage to one target.
Brave Blade – Physical attack, deals 3 damage to one target.


Gain an elemental Strength (SP Cost – 2) – You gain immunity to an element of your choice for each 2 SP you wish to spend. You cannot use this on your starting weakness.

Each day, players can optionally vote on up to two different things.

Red Vote – This vote will take the top two winners and revert all non elemental weaknesses to normal elemental resistance for the night they win the vote only. They also each take 1 HP damage. The next day, their elemental resistances will revert back. (Example: Ardor is weak to wind but has strengths to physical and fire. By winning the vote, Ardor is still weak to wind and now has normal resistance to all other elements for tonight and he takes 1 HP damage. Tomorrow, Ardor will regain his elemental strengths to physical and fire.) Tie votes will affect all players tied for both first and second place.

The limegreen vote – This vote will take the top two winners and negate any elemental weaknesses they have for that night only. It will also heal the players 1 HP each. (Example: Ardor is weak against fire and wind and strong against ice. After winning the limegreen vote, Ardor is strong against ice but has no weaknesses and regains 1 HP. Tomorrow, Ardor regains his weaknesses to fire and wind.) If there are any ties with this vote, nobody wins the limegreen bonus for the night.

Each day ends at 8pm CST.

Order of Operations:

Vote -> All actions simultaneously (This means all damage and healing will be added together. If the player has > 0 HP, they survive.)

There are no hidden rules, so feel free to ask any clarification questions you may have.

Players who perish each night will have a spot in the narration regarding the ability or abilities used on them to kill them. (Example: Ardor names his Persona "Lucky". Lucky was killed by the following abilities: (2) Bufu, (1) Agilao and (1) Brave Blade)

Every night in your PM, you will get the following information:

1) Your target's resistance to the element you use on them (not counting Dia).
2) What skill(s) you get attacked with and by whom.

So you might see:

Ardor attacked you with Garula, hitting you for 2 damage.
You attacked Ardor with Mighty Swing, Ardor is WEAK to Physical, you deal 4 damage, killing him.
MrBlarney attacked you with Bufu, but you are IMMUNE to ice damage.

Each night in the narration, I will identify how many players are alive for each Arcana and Element.

Player List:

1) Iron Weasel - Tixit
2) Egos - Robin Hood
3) Obifett
4) Auralynx - Ultimate Warrior
5) Langly - shibboleth
6) SLyM - Kiel
7) Mill
8) I needed a name to post - Io
9) premium - Brick
10) kime - Zarflax
11) ihaveachair - Ennif
12) jdarksun - Omoikane[/color
13) BradicusMaximus
14) mi-go hunter
15) blachmcblah - Okami[/color
16) Flarne - Freja
17) vagrant_winds - Mordred
18) The Anonymous - Ishtar
19) vertoue
20) OminousLozenge - Yolo Tamlin[/color
21) Gizzy
22) Zombie Hero - D'Isiah T. Billings-Clyde
23) MegaFrost
24) Matev - Apollo (Creed)
25) Sir Fabulous
26) MrTLicious - Hammer Pants
27) 38thDoe
28) Retaba - Judgaang
29) Malkor - Rufio
30) Locus - Hyakutake

1) Mikey CTS


1) Clarification on the Limegreen Vote: If there is a tie for 1st or 2nd place, nobody gets the limegreen benefit that night. Ties are bad.

2) The player(s) who win both votes will end up having no strengths or weaknesses and will not take or gain damage as the vote damage/healing will cancel out.

3) Can I be healed over my max HP? Answer: No you cannot.

4) Question: Can people have the same arcana and element? Answer: Yes, it is possible since there's only 5 arcanas and 5 elements. There are only 25 different combinations.

5) Does the Limegreen vote have to change or can it be the same person? Answer: There is no limitation to how many times one can win either vote.

6) Regarding the Red Vote, If there is a tie for first place, all of those involved in the ties are considered in first place. Those coming after the folks tied for first place will be running for second place.

7) Question: Can the game end with both a Strongest Element and Best Arcana? Answer: While this is possible, but not likely, the game will not end unless there is only one possible winner. In the case above, the game would continue.

Day 0 Narration
Day 1 Start
Day 2 Start (Day 1 Results)
Day 3 Start (Day 2 Results)
Day 4 Start (Day 3 Results)
Day 5 Start (Day 4 Results)
Day 6 Start (Day 5 Results)
Day 7 Start (Day 6 Results)
Day 8 Start (Day 7 Results)
Day 9 Start (Day 8 Results

Ardor on


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