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Strip Search - Ignite Your Spark

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited April 2013 in Strip Search

Strip Search - Ignite Your Spark

The Artists must rely on a little magic to avoid facing elimination.

Read the full story here

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  • cowutopiacowutopia Registered User regular
    I stayed up all night to watch this but my fianceé fell asleep and now I have to wait for her. Enjoy everyone!

  • SejarkiSejarki Registered User regular
    God damn that ending.

  • Psycho_PenguinPsycho_Penguin Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    Aaargghhh how can you end an episode like that? I'm going to be constantly wondering who's going up for elimination for the next three days. D: That said all the artists left are amazing and they all did really well at this challenge. If Mike hated the last choice for elimination, I can't imagine how he'll continue to pick between these people.

    Psycho_Penguin on
  • Spman2099Spman2099 Registered User regular
    I wonder if Katie is going to be picked again? I think it is possible that Katie and Mac are going to be placed on the chopping block...

  • xThanatoSxxThanatoSx Registered User regular

    Though it makes a certain amount of sense. Now we can all play along for the next few days and gives our theories as to who we think Erika is going to choose. :-)

    I'm going to go with Mac because he was singled out... and Amy because I'd just like to see her go to an elimination.

  • wetworxwetworx Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    wait, didn't they specifically tell the contestants to "infuse (your) own style" to their IP? in fact she "very much" wanted them to...


    wetworx on
  • madfigsmadfigs Registered User regular
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it's already enough of a cliffhanger to wait for the elimination, now we don't even know who to root for in advance?!

    It would seem like she's gotta pick from Mac, Nick, or Katie since they were the only ones who got criticized (unless we didn't see some comments). The surprise must be that someone unexpected was nominated...

    But you know the worst thing about all this? I've been pronouncing "Nalaar" wrong this whole time!

  • Mingo413Mingo413 Registered User regular
    FINALLY there's a *chance* Mac will be in the hot seat. Nothing against him (his art outside and during the competition has been fantastic), but he's been so under the radar the entire competition I think he should prove himself.

  • kolybrykolybry Registered User regular
    Welp. here we go. I guess Katie is going to pack her bags a third time. She missed the mark there in that challenge.

    If we are to believe the ending interviews there, i dont think that Mac is going up for elimination.

  • AnialosAnialos Collies are love, Collies are life! Ask me about them!Registered User regular
    wetworx wrote: »
    wait, didn't they specifically tell the contestants to "infuse (your) own style" to their IP? in fact she "very much" wanted them to...

    and then at about the 11min mark they say they weren't looking to "work with (the artist's) style". WTF!

    They wanted them to infuse their own style while still staying within the companies definition and vision of Chandra. The materials they were given defined a palate to use, samples of what Chandra looks like, etc. to help them with this.
    Maki's didn't win simply because he used grey instead of blue for the background. Yep, that sucks, but clients do picky stuff like that!

    I wonder if they got to keep the cards in those bags....StripSearch Intro Pack tourney @Mynt?

    Hobnail wrote: »
    "Don't let bullets enter your body" is the kind of advice that just gives itself really, like "don't drink soy sauce" or "don't vote republican"
  • ciphronciphron Registered User regular
    I would actually be really unhappy if Katie got nicked for this - she genuinely adapted the character to her style and did it in a way that looks great but is just not mass marketable.

  • Angry_SamoanAngry_Samoan Now with 20% more mange... Registered User regular
    Yay, Erika! Her piece was my favorite of the ones they showed for this design. Maki's did look great too.
    I wonder if Abby is up for elimination. After all, just the day before, Mike was losing his shit and saying she should have been eliminated on the spot instead of Lexxy or Tavis. Now, he's saying "Good luck. I think you'll need it." Hmmm...

    "The history of all sports is to cheat whenever possible."- Tony Kornheiser
  • AnialosAnialos Collies are love, Collies are life! Ask me about them!Registered User regular
    kolybry wrote: »
    Welp. here we go. I guess Katie is going to pack her bags a third time. She missed the mark there in that challenge.

    If we are to believe the ending interviews there, i dont think that Mac is going up for elimination.

    I read that as Abby being in the hot seat since it was Mike making the comment. We know how he feels about her standee. If he off the bat feels the other person sent in is better, it wouldn't surprise me.

    Hobnail wrote: »
    "Don't let bullets enter your body" is the kind of advice that just gives itself really, like "don't drink soy sauce" or "don't vote republican"
  • ShpydirShpydir Registered User regular
    Strategically, it should be time to start throwing who you think are the strongest competitors into elimination and then make whatever rationalizations to the group necessary to keep that from being obvious. It's also a good time to see if someone you think is strong, is actually as strong as you think.

    I would probably go with Maki vs Monica and make up some nonsense about composition or color theory as an explanation.

  • bingodanbingodan Registered User regular
    As far as something i would want on a skateboard, Mac hands down wins it. But he and Katie are going to be up and damnit, they are my favorite. Sorry Mac, Go Team Katie

  • baypointgamesbaypointgames Registered User new member
    Dear Katie, Please start doing altered art on Magic the Gathering Cards. I want more... does hasbra know how many adults play magic the gathering? have they ever looked at the Razia Boros Angel art?

  • PhoenixragePhoenixrage Registered User regular
    My elimination guess: Amy versus one of the criticized choices. Amy and Erika get along really well, and along with not having gotten any criticism from the Magic judges she's the least likely to go up for elimination 4. Since she's the least likely to be up for elimination, I think that would be a reason for covering up who is going up for elimination if she did end up getting picked. If it is Amy, I hope she knocks out whoever she's up against ;)

  • LavidiusLavidius Registered User regular
    Wow, what a well-executed challenge idea: two really great judges, incorporates Magic, but doesn't disadvantage people who aren't magic fans, and with the skateboard thing circumvents the artists having to do the hyperrealistic card art drawings. Definitely agree on the Erika pick: she had the palette, character, and readability on a skateboard.

    I like that Erika gets to actually see all of the board designs; unless additional stuff is happening off-camera, it's weird that for challenges like the interview, they pretty much have to hear the judges' decisions and then decide whether or not to parrot them. Seems like it gives her more leeway to defect/use strategy (not sure if she will, though).

    @Anialos: I didn't necessarily interpret that as Mike singling out one of the two, but just Mike and Jerry putting up the usual, intense facade for both contestants. I'm not sure Abby should go up anyway; I thought hers was pretty awesome (despite the chin issue). I liked Mac's design but the lack of color hurts him, also I'm not sure if it works so well on a board. We did see Erika comment on sexy pinups; I can't decide whether this indicates she'll send up Katie or if LRR is trolling us and she *won't* send up Katie :-)

    Finally, I'm not a fan of them cutting the episodes this way (assuming this is likely to continue), mostly because if you single down to two with one episode and then eliminate one in another, you have two dramatic endings for every three episodes, and now all the competition-related drama has to be packed into one episode.

  • Angry_SamoanAngry_Samoan Now with 20% more mange... Registered User regular
    Also, brilliant editing for this episode. Keep folks guessing who is up for elimination.

    My guess is Abby is up for elimination, and I'm also speculating that she wins the elimination challenge. Makes sense from an editing perspective. Keep in the part of Mike wanting her gone outright during the previous elimination and then she redeems herself just 24 hours later.

    "The history of all sports is to cheat whenever possible."- Tony Kornheiser
  • PhoenixragePhoenixrage Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    My other thought: maybe this is the first multi-elimination challenge? Since if it stayed 2 men enter - 1 man leaves would go 24 additional episodes with the current format, that would be a REALLY good reason for Mike saying the "good luck, you'll need it" if you have to go up against multiple opponents for elimination for the first time.

    Phoenixrage on
  • wwitzkewwitzke Registered User new member
    Signed up to say specifically that I really dislike the way this is edited at the end. Without the decision for who gets eliminated, it feels to me like the episode never really resolves. Further, one of the things that is most interesting to me about the elimination challenge is thinking about which of the two chosen contestants might win in the several days between the competitive challenge and the elimination challenge and then seeing if I was correct. It also lessens the tension for me, since now I don't really get to worry about the individual contestants in the interim time. After all, my favorite only has a 1 in 8 chance to be picked, especially in this episode where nobody's design was clearly the "worst", according to the judges, and if Erika is using some other mechanism for picking the two people up for elimination then we have nothing to go on so it might as well just be at random.. It just made it seem like watching the episode this morning was a waste of time. I might as well have just waited until Friday when the story arc for this episode actually debuts its denouement..

    I do understand if you were trying to fit it into a specific time frame and just didn't have the minutes to fit in the final decision, but I really hope this doesn't become the pattern for how these shows are edited in the future.

  • kolybrykolybry Registered User regular
    i am in the same boat as wwitzke to be honest. this episode felt unresolved. there might be a reason to edit it this way that will be obvious on friday, but right now it feels bad, man.

    i hope there won't be 2+ eliminations. i wished they would resolve a competition day in one week, but i guess they want to spread it across the year as much as possible without being obnoxious.

  • BoingBoing Registered User regular
    I thought Erika and Monica nailed it the best, liked Macs and Maki's too but colour was an issue with both. Amy's was artistically the weakest, badly composed for use on a board and stylistically messy, she used markers the way you would use pencils or paint and it just didn't come off. I only got to see Abby's lying on the floor but it didn't look to interesting, so I'd go Amy and Abby.

    I don't know if it's an age thing or an American thing (I'm UK based) but it's really getting under my skin that everything these guys say sounds like a question. It makes them sound really indecisive and lacking in confidence.

  • TheSpyderTheSpyder Registered User regular
    kinda hate how you didn't tell us who was going up for elimination.

  • Sandra SnanSandra Snan Medium-sized European cityRegistered User regular
    Monica’s was my favorite this time and Makis was great too! (I’m not a fan of his Sci-ənce comic, but that’s fine.)

  • SejarkiSejarki Registered User regular
    I get the feeling Erika does something funky to choose the thunderdome contestants.

  • Maz-Maz- 飛べ Registered User regular
    A cliffhanger? Oh you goddamn bastards.

    Add me on Switch: 7795-5541-4699
  • Maz-Maz- 飛べ Registered User regular
    I liked Maki's design the best, it just looked amazing, the whole package from the colors used, shadowing, the pose and the character itself was just all-around great.

    Add me on Switch: 7795-5541-4699
    John the Skrull
  • copperkatcopperkat Registered User regular
    The episodes are abbreviated enough. Kind of a dick move not to include the nomination. Every elimination episode we've already known who is going in. :/

  • copperkatcopperkat Registered User regular
    Everyone saying it's Abbey because of Mike's comment is discounting the fact that he's almost definitely referring to the word combination. He wouldn't be passive aggressive to Abbey's face, who he has never met and doesn't know the full extent of what she is capable of. Even if it is Abbey, he's commenting on the word combo, just like he said Godspeed last time when they got areole circus.

  • darklaodarklao Registered User regular
    weaksauce ep. need more close-ups of art. too much damn talking. stupid non-disclosure of tributes. i they send in Katie again I am going to rise up in protest, then sit immediately back down, panting heavily.

  • DeimirDeimir Registered User regular
    Hmm...either we're drawing names out of a hat next week, or Erika is putting herself up for elimination just to see what it's about.

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  • KnightmareKnightmare PittsburghRegistered User regular
    Holy smokes, the art in this episode was ridiculous. I love the painterly, more realistic quality that the Magic brand uses, but I gravitate towards more graphic and cartoony pieces- so seeing a fresh take on Chandra's character was really cool. Watching the artists crunch on some traditional media was exciting, a lot of those pieces were really strong and they really popped. I'm doubly curious to see who will be put up for elimination- that would be a tough choice for me.

    Sandra Snan
  • copperkatcopperkat Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    Abby does not deserve to go in and neither does Katie. Look at the art. Mac did nothing of what they asked for. No color and barely their main character. Amy had the weakest art. Abby's looked complete and fit well on a board, whereas Amy's just looked like a sketch she marked over hastily. The crux of the challenge is designing for a skateboard and she missed the mark.

    It would be total crap if Katie went in. Her art was one of the strongest. It was also hypocritical of the judge to call it too sexy. Has she seen the art on her cards?? There are even ones that specifically show waaaay more leg than that. I almost feel like they pointed hers out because they wanted to pick it but had to give a reason why they didn't. The ones they didn't mention should be viewed as the lesser designs but that isn't how Erika will see it unfortunately.

    copperkat on
  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    edited April 2013
    @GrahamS you sneaky goose. Way to leave us hangin!

    I am going to guess Mac and Amy for elimination, simply because I felt that theirs were the weakest, and everyone has been pretty fair thus far with their choices.

    zerzhul on
  • there'saforum?there'saforum? Registered User regular
    Based on the whole day's events, I'd say it's curtains for Amy - she's probably going to be picked with Mac, and lose in the elimination round. They've accentuated her "middle of the pack, under the radar" approach in these two episodes, and it doesn't sound like it's working for her.

    I really hope I'm wrong, though :(

  • WeaselsoupWeaselsoup Registered User regular
    everything Copperkat said basically. I am not the target market, if I had a skateboard I'd probably break both my legs and hurt some passers-by, but I think the market for something like Mac's that has to be examined to work out what's going on on it does exist but is probably a lot narrower than that for the brighter, know what it is from a distance ones.

    surprised Amy's was so messy, after all that pontificating she did about how stuff like this should be really graphic over the t-shirt. she totally should be up for elimination but Erika likes her so it's unlikely she'll pick her.

    also surprised that Erika's design didn't suck. i absolutely cannot stand the style in Erika's comics and art generally, she's the exact opposite of what I think is a good artist or storyteller. but I know she has masses of fans so, you know, i'm in a minority.

    TinklesSandra Snan
  • ObiRobKenobiObiRobKenobi Registered User regular
    This episode is so conflicting. The challenge was really neat, original, and very applicable to aspiring artists. I appreciated hearing the judges thoughts on all of the art. Hell, I even loved the cliffhanger...

    The problems I had with this episode are mainly with the judges though. First off, it was very hypocritical of them to call out Katie's like the did. I liked Katie's drawing well enough, it wasn't my favorite, but there is no way in hell you could interpret that drawing as sexy. The art style was clearly cutesy and "chibi" if you will. I don't think it was sexuallized AT ALL. It was just really ridiculous for her to be called out like that.

    The other problem I had was that they didn't take the time to comment on everyone's piece. During their private session they made it sound like Monica's was one of the favorites and a clear front runner. It was my personal favorite. Then when we get to the part where they give feedback to the artists they don't even mention Monica. I'm very willing to bet she was their second or third favorite but she'll never know because they didn't give her any feedback.

    I feel like the judges should always find a way to give every artist some sort of feedback on what they contributed.

  • Sandra SnanSandra Snan Medium-sized European cityRegistered User regular
    edited April 2013
    I’ve been a big fan of Katie so far but I think Elaine was bang on target with regards to her disturbing “seductive Chandra” piece.

    Plenty of comments not liking the elimination cliffhanger—personally, I thought it was great! It makes the elimination episodes even more loaded and interesting. These challenge episodes should be about the challenge and as a way to get to know the artists.

    Sandra Snan on
  • ArenowArenow Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    This episode belonged to Lexxy!! She would have done an awesome job there. Oh well.
    Glad to see Erika's design win, it was the one I would use. Monica surprised me the most, I don't like her usual stile at all, but I would ride that skate any day.

    By the way, I hate cliffhangers.
    What are your thoughts? My take's on Mac and Tavis.

    Arenow on
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