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  • ahdokahdok Figment of your imagination Registered User regular
    I went and backed Lexxy's kickstarter, I want to read cloud factory pretty badly now.

    I kinda wish this forum had a separate topic for each of the artists, where we could chat with them about their other projects, ask questions etc. for comics, art and other junk.
  • cwDeicicwDeici Registered User regular
    Yeah, give us a subforum, please!

  • DevoninDevonin Registered User regular
    cwDeici wrote: »
    Yeah, give us a subforum, please!

    Not sure I like that idea because it sort of communicates an obligation to the artists to come here and engage with us while the show is going on. A few of them have, a few of them haven't. Shouldn't seem to be trying to force them to.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    As @Gabriel posted in one of his newsposts, some of the artists have interacted here in the episode comments, and many others do so on twitter.

  • DemonicoreoDemonicoreo Registered User regular
    Lexxy that is a bad ass board design but I don't feel it is one that can be compared to the other artist; especially since you have seen the episode, got to hear what the judges were looking for and why. Not to mention you got to see the other artist work and how it stacked up. Great design, being a skateboarder, I would actually by that and hang it up on the wall instead of use it but as for putting it for rating against the others. I have to say disqualified due to the huge advantage or information used before it was done.

    Fuck it. The vocal Lexxy fanatics are fucking pants on head retarded.
  • CambiataCambiata Commander Shepard The likes of which even GAWD has never seenRegistered User regular
    @kolybry You should link to Lexxy's cloud factory page and not the actual kickstarter, since linking to kickstarters is against the rules of this board.

  • JoshEckJoshEck Indianapolis, IN, USARegistered User regular
    Anyone else kinda shocked that Amy's illustration didn't get called out for being really messy compared to literally every other entry in this challenge?

  • WarmthWarmth Registered User regular
    Augh, Erika's was awesome, but I really thought Monica's was the best.

  • BuchoBucho One careful pwner Registered User regular
    I thought Erika's was very cool and a deserved winner, but I know nothing about Magic The Gathering and yet Maki's was so badass I got shills. Literally got goosebumps. That ... is ART!

    Amazing that he made that and didn't really like it himself.

  • thegreenmonkeythegreenmonkey Registered User regular
    Wow, fantastic designs. I much preferred Katie's although I see the point they made about maybe a little to sensual for Magic. Maki's was gorgeous though even with out their color palette. Glad Erika won, her design just fit everything they ask for, and that's important when designing for hire. And looked cool too, the mischievous grin helped to nail it.

  • JediGameFreakJediGameFreak Registered User regular
    I would totally buy a print of Maki's painting.

  • GoslingGosling Looking Up Soccer In Mongolia Right Now, Probably Watertown, WIRegistered User regular
    Erika's finished design, anyone?

    I have a new soccer blog The Minnow Tank. Reading it psychically kicks Sepp Blatter in the bean bag.
  • yohanleafheartyohanleafheart Registered User regular
    Just came here to post this. It looks awesome!

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