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Hello to everyone, I'm a long-time lurker of these forums. I finally decided to make an account because of an art project a buddy of mine recently did.

As the story goes, he is in an art class and had to do some sort of Photoshop action. He created a 7 page "fanfiction" of some Mario characters. I understand that there is more written but just not yet illustrated, and if there is any particular interest, he is willing to continue with the story and keep drawing.

I've included page 1 here for everyone to see (image size is approx 130kb, I hope this isn't too big)


See the link above for the full 7 page chapter.

Questions or comments? (if you post questions, I suppose I ought to make him register his own account here...)

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    As per our rules, your friend has to post his own work for critique. If he would like feedback, please encourage him to post.

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