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[Blood Bowl] Triple Skulls Every Time



  • Mr_RoseMr_Rose 83 Blue Ridge Protects the Holy Registered User regular
    Oh, hey, Dwarf dice are back in stock, along with four other themed sets and the Dwarf/Skaven pitch.

    ...because dragons are AWESOME! That's why.
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  • Ken OKen O Registered User regular
    I managed to grab Dwarf dice and a pitch the first time around. I'm super happy they are available again. It's silly how fast they sold out.
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  • honoverehonovere Registered User regular
    edited August 6
    Tomorrow game against underworld denizens. I've never payed against that. I guess the objective is to take the Skaven blitzers out of the game and stay away from the Troll?

    2:1 for the elves.
    I need some players with tackle I think. Stunty dodgers are really annoying.
    The two strength 4 blitzers continue to be the most valuable players just for the fact of how much attention they get. The two of them can bind half the enemy team which is really helpful when you're constantly outnumbered.

    honovere on
  • honoverehonovere Registered User regular
    Preview of new stuff is up on WC

    The Minotaur looks really good and I'm looking forward to replacing my old metal elves. The render looks quite nice and according to reports from the latates BB event their models are supposed to be more modular than the sets we got so far.

    Ken O
  • honoverehonovere Registered User regular
    New stuff from the open day:

    Ken Otzeentchlingjakobagger
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