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[Blood Bowl] Triple Skulls Every Time



  • honoverehonovere Registered User regular
    4th game of the season. Against Orcs with bolgroth and his chainsaw.

    Was expecting to have a few players maimed, but only 5 badly hurts, one to the chainsaw early on and 3 in one turn at the beginning of the second half and one later on.

    All in all it went really well, 4:1 in the end. Ork player had some rotten dice in the first half, couldn't pick up the ball for two turns for example, despite sure hands. Ag5 catcher ran up the pitch and scored turn 4.
    Orks made it within one field of the endzone turn 7, but Elfball happened and 2:0 turn 8, same catcher again.
    Elves on offense in the second half and rush into the other half, 3:0 turn 11, again the catcher.
    Orks made it within one field of the endzone turn 1, but Elfball happenedrookie blitzer scores 4:0 after long pass by lineelf in turn 16.
    On their last turn the Orks manage a Gobbo throw ott for the 4:1.

    We played with special play cards (no more than card from each deck).
    Next time no misc mayhem maybe. He had sprint and frenzy for his team for a turn. I had assassination attempt, which is a really frustrating card, and it certainly helped that one of his blitzers had to miss the game. I guess the elven union has some dark elf assassins on call.

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