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Experimental ]Phalla]: Quirks of Fate (Main) GAME OVER! too many victors to list.

MillMill Registered User regular
edited April 2013 in Critical Failures
Experimental Phalla: Quirks of Fate

A commercial begins running showing various clips of gameplay from one of the latest games that everyone seems to be talking about. As the clips are running a female voice is heard saying the following.

"Hey, are you tired of all the bullshit in the current VRMMORPGs? Tired of having to go to a third party websites and following their cookie cutter builds because it’s the expected thing? Tired of not creating the character you want because someone else has figured out the “right way” to play and written it on the net? Tired of not being able to play the class you want because someone screwed up the design? Tired of most of your success coming down to how someone else designed the character classes and specs without your brilliant creativity being a factor?"

"Then why not try Experimental Phalla: Quirks of Fate!? The very VRMMORPG created by the very Milliardo Luminaire who was the lead designer of Kayaba Industries's virtual reality machines!"

"They've implemented a new system where it all comes down the players’ creativity. We won’t admit it’s balanced, but at least you can spend time playing the game with character you wanted to create instead of trawling the internet most of the time to figure out how others think you should create and play your character!"

"But the effects of your creativity do not end there! The ruleset of the game itself is the battleground on which players compete; as the game develops, the players change the rules to create the kind of world they want. Join today, to take your shot at making a virtual world in your own image!"

"you choose the name of your world, as well as eventually controlling its rules!'

Image changes to show an Italian man of average height, with green eyes and long blond hair, wearing a business suit. He has his hands grasped together as he smiles towards the direction of the camera doing the recording.

"Greetings, I'm Milliardo Luminaire. We’ve completed our beta testing and are currently doing a limited release. So sign up now before you miss your chance to be one of the first to experience this amazing VRMMORPG.


A) Setup – Nothing here can be changed.
i) Every player must pick a quirk on Day 0, on which at least some of their role mechanics will be based.
ii) Rules may not include names of specific players.
iii) Rules may not determine whether particular roles exist or not.
iv) Rule changes are not retroactive.
v) Each day, the play who has the most red votes that day will be removed from the game. This rule does not touch on any other fact about the red vote except that the highest red vote-getter will be removed from the game.
vi) Each day, the rule change which has the most dodgerblue votes will be either added to the ruleset or will replace some other rule. Part of each blue vote should specify whether it is a new rule or replaces another rule. This rule does not touch on any other fact about the blue vote except that the rule-change which wins it each day will be implemented.
vii) No rule can deal with the same issues any other rule does. Clarifications of whether any hypothetical rule deals with the same issues as a current rule are available upon request.
viii) Do not communicate with anyone in the game anonymously.
ix) Both hosts (Mill and Invictus) At least one host must be included in all PMs and Both must be given access to all game-related private message boards.
x) All rules, except the ones in section C, which deals specifically with roles, may be abrogated by specific role abilities.
xi) Parenthetical expressions are not changed when the rule they are attached to changes, and may never be changed.
xii) There will be no more wishing for more wishes or infinite wishes. That was just silly and quite the mess.
xiii) There is now an olive vote. players may vote in olive to change one rule open to change in either Sections B or C. The change with the most votes and at least 1/5 of the currently living will be implemented the next day.

B) General
1) As a contestant your goal is to eliminate all threats to the Danger Zone. "As a contestant your goal is to either eliminate all threats to the Danger Zone or declare peace. Any contestant may say "peace" in purple to make a non-revocable declaration of their intent to win with everyone. Once at least 3/4ths of the remaining contestants have declared peace, all contestants that have declared peace leave victorious, abilities or actions they have taken that night are voided and they are forbidden from communicating with any player. Subsequently, any contestant that declares peace leaves victorious that night. This does not end the game or affect any other victory conditions"

2) There can be no discussion between vote close and narration. There must be a whole bunch of discussion between vote close and narration.
3) Narration will include the alignments of only the dead and no other alignment information. Narration will include the true alignments all players, dead and living
4) All rule changes or additions are to be made public to all players in the narration in the main Penny Arcade thread of the night they are approved. In addition, all changes to the rules, including those already made, will be listed in the OP. Any rule change or addition that is not listed in the OP will not be in effect. (There can be no exceptions or alterations to this rule).

5)If any single member of a non-village aligned faction achieves a win condition, then all members of that faction also achieve victory. (This rule may not be changed.)
6)Any new rule created, or any rule amended, by any contestant by any means is subject to alteration by the l33t gamerz before it takes effect. Said Alteration will consist of a one word insertion, deletion, or replacement. Said Alteration will be deemed to occur before the activation of any parenthetical statement whatsoever, and will be made before the end of the day on which the rule was to take effect. (This rule may not be changed.)

7) Players must red and dodgerblue vote every day in the thread. These votes must be in separate posts.
8) Players must post three times a day.
9) Players may not communicate outside the thread. Player may communicate outside the thread
10) There may be no communication with the dead except for one ghost post that contains no game-related information. This rule prevents agrees and awesomes of posts by the dead. (This rule cannot be changed to allow unlimited communication with the dead) There may be no communication with the dead except for up to 3 ghost posts that may contain game-related information. This rule does not prevent agrees and awesomes of posts by the dead. (This rule cannot be changed to allow unlimited communication with the dead)

C) Role-specific
1) Seers aren't necessarily reliable. (This rule may be altered once only)Seers are necessarily reliable. Any player with the ability to identify another's alignment will have that player's true victory condition. This supersedes any ability, passive or otherwise, that prevents a player's alignment from being truthfully revealed. (This rule may no longer be altered.)
2) Guards can only block one attack per night.
3) Role blocks can't stop attacks.
4) All non-mafia roles can be converted. (This rule cannot be altered to prevent all conversions.)
5) The Hosts are hereby added to the game, as members of the Village. They are given the additional alternate win condition of surviving until one of the non-village factions outnumbers all other factions. They do not have restrictions on their ability to relay knowledge of roles or the game, and do not have the ability to vote for new rules concerning their own roles. If the Hosts are removed from the game via the vote or player ability, the game is over and the surviving players that remain are victorious.

The hosts can be removed via the vote in the case of a unanimous red vote against their person (excluding their mason partner), but only this super majority will succeed. Once a host has been killed, they can no longer relay game knowledge to the players but can still run the mechanics of the game.

The hosts are vulnerable to player based kills, although each night, they may choose to protect one of themselves perfectly against any attacks. Once there is one host remaining, this ability becomes a one shot power.

The hosts are unconvertible (this rule may not be changed).

Section D has been patched out of the game

Other Important Stuff

This will be a main, so looking for 40-50 sign ups.

Vote close will be at midnight (daylight eastern time)

Feel free to vote in red for the world name. The name with the most support at the conclusion of the signup process will be chosen as the world name.

Edit: Adding narration for easy tracking.
Day 1: Narration.
Day 2: Narration.
Day 3: Narration.
Day 4: Narration.
Day 5: Narration.

Mill on


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