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stimpiusstimpius Registered User new member
Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone would be able to assist.

In a nutshell what I require is 4-5 fake degree certificates.

I have an original (a friends) of the university I need it from -

Just so you are aware, it is for a Call of Cthulu game, so as close to perfect as possible would be fantastic. I am not intended to pass them off for any other reason than for this - but a few other games I've played in have had fantastic props that make me want to make this just as good as those I've played in.

This could be an ongoing project for anyone who can do whats needed - feel free to get in touch via messages or on the thread for more details or to find out anything else :)


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    ProspicienceProspicience The Raven King DenvemoloradoRegistered User regular
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    Hey, welcome to the AC. No art in threads is frowned upon, make sure you check out the rules before posting next time. Questions usually in the stickied questions thread.

    Also though, artists do expect to get paid for work. So when asking someone to help for a project, plan on paying the artist (which you didn't say anything about).

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    DMACDMAC Come at me, bro! Moderator Mod Emeritus
    Yes, as Prospicience said, new threads asking for free art are against the rules. If anyone wants to contact you, they're free to do so but I'm going to lock this thread.

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