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I have seen the result of the current micro-transaction climate in gaming

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Its, its not pretty.

We all laughed at Visceral games dev's saying that the only reason they put in a micro-transactions store into the game, was "Because players expected it, and they would be upset if it wasn't in the game"

We laughed, we all laughed at the hilarious statement, that gamers wanted to be nickle and dimed.

Tonight, on a stream on twitch, I found this out to be true. That there is gamers out there who want to spend money on things that should be in the game to begin with.

I was watching one of the few streams on Defiance, cause I was thinking of picking it up. It looks fun, it looks interesting. So I've been watching it for two days, and the guy playing gets mad cause he keeps running out of inventory space.

So I figure hey, its a MMO, you like, spend game currency etc to get more bank space.

No, he has to log into the games store, pay real money to unlock special game currency, and then buy more inventory slots.

My disgust was frankly, impossible to hide. "Wow, you had to pay $60 for this game, and basic stuff like bigger inventories etc are locked up in micro-transactions? This is so off my buy list"

The response I got back was, frankly, impossible to digest.

"Its only $60, and the game is worth spending extra money on, what you can't afford $10 to -SUPPORT- the game? The game is free to play"

"No. No. The game is not free to play. You just spent $60 on the game, that is not free to play. No monthly fee's? Sure. Free to play? No. You are being nickled and dimed to death for basic things"

And again, the response I got back was, frankly, comical.

"So if being nickled and dimed makes you so mad, why don't you not play games period, go take a class or course in school or something and spend your money doing that?"

Yes, his logic boiled down to that because I didn't like being nickled and dimed, I shouldn't be playing games -PERIOD-

I frankly at that time left. I had enough of such brainwashed people, him and his friends on teamspeak agreeing with each other that its OK to get screwed over.

The problem is, this guy was in his late teens/early 20's, and this is the generation that Visceral Dev was talking about. They want to spend more money, cause frankly, they don't know better.

Lets look at a -REAL- F2P game, Planetside 2. Planetside 2 you start the game, and you default everything. No extra weapons etc. There is two ways to get more weapons.

You can either A) Play for free till you unlock them, which takes dozens of hours B) Pay a small fee to buy a weapon on the store and skip the grind.

Why doesn't this bother me? Because the game is free to play, ACTUAL free to play. There was zero cost up front in playing this game, and even in its free to play nature, if you didn't want to spend money, you can still unlock whatever you want through hard work. There is no hidden costs because the games base price itself to play is absolutely free.

If Planetside 2 was $60 -AND- all its weapons were behind a micro-transactions pay wall like this, absolutely -NOBODY- would be playing the game, period.

Anyways, if players today are actually becoming into the mindset that being nickled and dimed by companies is perfectly responsible developer/publisher behavior, then the next video game crash cannot happen fast enough in my eyes. Its breeding a species of gamer that is perfectly content to keep spending, and spending, and spending money on things they should be getting with the basic game itself.

P.S.: Avoid Defiance

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